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Wether you're rooting for the Mariners or the Padres this spring, keep AZ Junk Removal on your roster to bat clean-up. We offer single item and bulk pricing for removing trash from your Peoria business or home. From storm debris during monsoon season, to old furniture, broken appliances, scrap wood, peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and more; we can load, haul, and dispose of it so you don’t have to. We have been proudly serving Peoria and the metro area for 10 years!

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Peter D. - Peoria, AZ

We have a rental property that we are selling. We needed to clean it out and ended up with a curbfull of garbage. Brad and his assistant showed up on time, and was in and out in a flash. They were very professional and pleasant to work with.

What Items Will You Remove?

  • Garage Clean-outs
  • Remodeling Debris
  • Storm Debris
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Carpeting
  • Rental Clean-outs
  • Vehicle Removal
  • Demolition Debris
  • Household Junk
  • Old Clothes
  • Scrap Wood
  • Storage Clean-outs
  • Hot Tub & Spa Removal
  • & Much More

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AZ Junk Removal proudly serves Peoria and surrounding areas.

Arizona Junk Removal is 100% committed to going the extra mile to ensure your junk is taken safely from Peoria and disposed of properly or better yet donated if possible! Our goals are to get your trash or junk out of your home or business with little to no hassle on your part. Contact us today for trash and junk removal anywhere in the valley.

The Peoria Bulk Trash Pickup Guide

Here's an Breakdown to Understand the City's Bulk Trash Collection Service

The tabs below provide a quick overview of the bulk pickup service provided by the City of Peoria. AZ Junk is not partnered or affiliated with the City. The following breakdown has been collaborated by us as a resource to our visitors seeking various options to rid themselves of clutter – Because Life's Better Without Junk.

Peoria is great. It's the Valley’s hidden gem, between the outdoor recreation spaces, water sports and athletics there is always something amazing to see or do. Unfortunately, due to their bulk trash policies, some of what you’ll see is garbage piles and illegal dumping. Peoria only offers bulk trash pick up twice a year, which means anyone looking to offload some stuff might try to take the lazy man's route and chuck it out illegally.

Pick up dates for the year are already scheduled and can be found here. Since it will only come around twice a year make sure you are prepared, one wrong move and they’ll leave your bulk trash behind meaning you'll have to wait till Christmas to try again.

When preparing for your pick up, expect to do more than haul things out to the street gutter. First, your trash needs to be neat and organized, yard trimming should be 3 feet long and stacked neatly. Anything substantial, such as carpet or paneling must be cut into 3-foot sections. Most importantly, make sure you pile everything up in the gutter if it's on your property or the sidewalk when they come to pick it up, it will still be there when they leave ... gutter only.
The usual suspects are here, no building material, car parts, glass or hazardous stuff. But unlike a lot of cities, Peoria will take appliance. Just make sure you follow their guidelines when it comes to preparing them for pick up.

The scheduling is pretty simple; twice a year, once every six months. Check here to find out your dates then add them to your calendar, so you don’t forget.

While Peoria is pretty generous about the type of items they will pick up, they are very strict about when, where and how you set out your trash. Anything they think is “improperly placed, deemed unsafe to collect or contains unacceptable items” will not be collected. Also, you might be looking at a fine. Make sure you neatly organize trimmings, bag up yard waste, chop up big pieces and make sure you don’t set out too much stuff. If you leave out more than their approved amount, they will hit you with another fine.
While the twice-annual pick up is free, there are a lot of hidden costs if you don’t play by the rules. Starting with the amount of junk you need to get rid of. If you leave more than the approved amount, which is 72 cubic feet, they will charge you a $50.00 fine then another $50.00 for every extra half hour it takes them to load it. If you don’t place it in the gutter, it's another $50.00 fine, if you forget and they have to come back, another $50.00. Just assume $50.00 for any mistake no matter how small.
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