Operation Hidden Treasures

Recycling Reality TV Series

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling, and their approach to turning trash into treasure is the focus for this good-willed television series, Operation Hidden Treasures. 

Even if you haven't heard the name JDog before, if you love the programs on the Discovery Channel like American Pickers and Storage Wars, you're about to be treated to a whole new show that turns recycling on its ear. The show is produced by Jim Milio known for titles like Dog WhispererMy Big Fat Greek Wedding  and History's Mysteries

It feels good to donate and give needed and used belongings to those who are less fortunate. It also happens to be a fact that we support our veterans when they have a great idea for helping others in need, and this time- it's turning seemingly useless trash into hidden treasures.

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Shot of the JDog crew in the filming of Hidden Treasuresâ„¢ as they teach new recruits the art of maneuvering heavy items.

Operation Hidden Treasures follows enterprising U.S. Military Veterans and their families whose mission is to salvage and repurpose otherwise unused items and turn them into 'hidden treasures' for people in need. - IMDB

Who Is JDog Junk Removal?

JDog Junk Removal is a group of US veterans who have proudly served and turned their unique set of skills to fight a whole new operation on their home soil that helps veteran families and those who are feeling forgotten.

Each episode is a new look at the the junk removal and hauling process, while the JDog crew carefully determines what to do with hidden treasures they find along the way. Some items are provided right away for low-income veteran families within their community who are struggling to survive, while other items get donated to single mothers and their children.

Not only have they made charitable donations of leftover and reclaimed building materials to Habitat for Humanity, but the JDog Junk Removal team is also featuring some items that are especially considered hidden treasures to go up for public auction. Every episode also showcases these valuable items and their total value it sells to private collectors and antique enthusiasts. All of the proceeds of all their auctions go directly to the JDog Foundation.

Army man giving furniture to a child

Some of the proceeds will go to help a variety of veteran charities while the rest is used to support their growing 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. While this new series is aiming for a rewarding response from viewers, the awareness of recycling and junk removal services is the real hidden treasure here. It gives you an insight into how one man's junk can be turned into something that helps others.

And though JDog is exclusively helping veterans in need, along with their families, junk removal and hauling services have been longing for this kind of awareness to inform a wider audience of how these services are so universally essential.

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How Do Junk Removal And Hauling Services Really Work?

You might be tempted to contact JDog Junk Removal after seeing more than a few episodes, which is perfectly fine. They have chapters that advertise all across AZ, but you might find that these franchise holders could actually be out of state- if you don't ask where their physical address is based. It might also surprise you to know that the JDog Franchise LLC home office is actually located in Berwyn, Pennsylvania...

This brings us back to feeling good about calling for junk removal or any kind of hauling services that will directly help or impact your neck of the woods. In reality, some people don't really mind where their old junk goes to, or who gets it afterward. Then again, some items that are meant for hauling away are simply better off going to a landfill. But there are some items that that you might want to see going to local charity resellers.

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AZ Junk Removal knows exactly where your leftover trinkets, old and broken junk or clear-away items are best meant to go after you allow us to take them away for you. Arizona does have a large population that does need help and often relies on discounted and/or donated items. It's a good feeling to know that you can count on us to find a new home for those items that simply take up space or want to get rid of them effectively and practically.

Hire AZ Junk For Bulk Trash Pick Up.

It's also noteworthy to let you know that AZ has only 10.8% of military veterans living throughout the state which is no more than half a million vets. Maricopa County is home to most of this population and already has established contacts with many veteran services that include local donations and charity programs. Anything you decide to have hauled away intended for veterans or their families will directly go to local charity stores near to you.

You can further ask us anytime you have something that has any kind of secondary value, where it will go afterward. Thankfully, AZ Junk Removal has always had the best intentions to help recycle and donate items that can be very beneficial for our neighbors all throughout Maricopa County. We also offer same-day pickup for Avondale, Glendale, Surprise, and Sun City likewise. See more about our cleanouts and property cleanups here

What Can AZ Junk Removal Do For You?

Luckily, we're not in the TV business because we want to ensure that your junk and hauling services are done without getting caught up in the limelight. We're delighted that JDog's Operation Hidden Treasures may turn out to be a big hit with Discovery Channel fans. We've been focused on being a hit with our local community since 2001, and since then our ratings have placed us at the #1 spot for customer satisfaction. Don't hesitate to call us for a free quote or schedule a pick-up soon enough. We can handle all sorts of pick-up services that include furniture, appliance, and hot tub removal. There isn't much limitation for what we can't pick up, so it's really a matter of what you need taken away and we'll handle the rest. Call us today for more info.

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