Monsoons Lead To Flooded Homes: Furniture Removal

By azjunk | Furniture Removal

Sep 24

If you live in the Phoenix Valley you are no stranger to monsoon season, however after the recent flash flooding you may have found yourself in an unexpected predicament.  Arizona was hit hard with powerful storms that left our community with a lot of damage from totaled cars, flooded homes, marred flooring, and soot soaked furniture to name a few. The metro Phoenix area experienced record-breaking rainfall and its no surprise an influx of extreme damage and danger came along with the heavy showers. Within minutes your life could have been flipped upside down with water wrecking havoc on your home, school, or business.

(Photo: Sky 12)

(Photo: Sky 12)


When Mother Nature takes its toll on our homes we are left feeling vulnerable and with one heck of a mess to clean up! Our staffs specializes in these situations, not only are we skilled to remove unwanted furniture, damaged appliances, ruined flooring, and more, we have a sense of responsibility to help those around us! Storm debris shouldn’t be preventing you from living your daily life, or tie up your time and energy. We are a full service junk removal company, and we are prepared to remove and haul anything damaged in the thunderstorms as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Although the Phoenix Valley isn’t in the clear from monsoons, thunder, and rainstorms just yet we hope to provide you with a trustworthy resource to put your mind at ease during these potentially hazardous times.


If your home or business was flooded or experienced water damage give AZ Junk Removal a call so our skilled staff can relieve you of any and all items the storm took a toll on during its wrath. We are here to be your full service furniture removal company!

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