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Relax... we'll get the trash.

Arizona's third-largest city, Mesa, combines urban amenities and outdoor activities with the best of both worlds. Let AZ Junk Removal help you keep Mesa feeling like home! We offer single item and bulk pricing for removing trash from your business or home. From storm debris during monsoon season, to old furniture, broken appliances, scrap wood and more; we can load, haul, and dispose of it so you don’t have to. We have been proudly serving Mesa and the Phoenix metro area for 10 years!

People near you are saying...
  • I just wanted to thank you again for removing my stinky fridge today.

Val F. - Mesa, AZ

I appreciate your professionalism. It is so refreshing. Also, my girls & their friend were VERY impressed with your son 🙂 He now has 3 fans in Mesa. I don’t know if you noticed the girls in & out of the house, but they were looking and thought he was pretty darn cute! Anyway, I thought that that may make his day. (They even went so far as asking me to break the fridge that is in the house!) Anyway, thanks again!

What Do We Remove?

  • Garage Clean-outs
  • Remodeling Debris
  • Storm Debris
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Carpeting
  • Rental Clean-outs
  • Vehicle Removal
  • Demolition Debris
  • Household Junk
  • Old Clothes
  • Scrap Wood
  • Storage Clean-outs
  • Hot Tub & Spa Removal
  • & Much More

AZ Junk Removal proudly serves Mesa and surrounding areas.

Arizona Junk Removal is 100% committed to going the extra mile to ensure your junk is taken safely from Mesa and disposed of properly or better yet donated if possible! Our goals are to get your trash or junk out of your home or business with little to no hassle on your part. Contact us today for trash and junk removal anywhere in the valley.

Understanding the City of Mesa's Bulk Trash Service

What You Need to Know to Understand the City of Mesa's Bulk Trash Pickup

Below is a quick overview of how bulk pickups work for the City of Mesa. Arizona Junk is not affiliated with the City or its trash services. We have collaborated the details below as a way to simplify the service provided by Mesa as a courtesy to our visitors who are seeking alternative options to our hauling services – Because Life's Better Without Junk.

Mesa is the largest suburb in the United States, with over 495,000 people, it's larger than Minneapolis or even Miami. Not only is it packed with people but it also spans 133 square miles; that’s a lot for one sanitation department to cover. So guess what? They don’t cover it. At least not for bulk trash. There are no bulk trash services included with your waste disposal fees. If you can't cram it into your bin, then you're SOL, and you’ll have to fend for yourself. Mesa does make an effort to help out by offering bulk trash removal for a fee. But you still have to deal with the bureaucracy, which means limiting what you can dispose of and following their rules on how to prepare your trash for pick up. Basically, they are government run junk removal guys, sort like us but much less cool and with a lot more rules.
Bulk trash collection in Mesa is completely separate from the solid waste services you already pay for. It's a separate fee and you’ll need to call in advance to put yourself on their schedule. Their pick ups are pre-determined and limited so they work on a first come first served basis. Assuming you follow their preparation guidelines, you can expect a wait time of anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, before your pick up day.
Before scheduling make sure you know what they are willing to haul off; there are a lot of don'ts on their list, including appliances. If you need to get rid of any household appliances, even microwaves, you'll have to work with another program. A few other typical don'ts include, construction or landscape material, tires, light bulbs, plutonium, and other hazardous chemicals.

Mesa has created a highly sophisticated map to help you determine when a pick up might be scheduled. You can view the map here. If you study the map carefully, you’ll see pick up days can be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday depending on your location. I know that's a bit confusing, so in layman's terms, your pick up day could be any day. Got it?

Aside from unacceptable items, keep in mind how much crap you are trying to get rid of because Mesa limits the load size to about 8 full garbage bags. More than that, and you could be looking at multiple pick up charges.
The fee for 8 bags is $23.04, which is a pretty good deal if all you have are 8 garbage bags full of leaves and grass trimmings. But most likely you’re hoping to get rid of things they don’t want to take; just play it safe and get their approval when you schedule your pickup, or you will find yourself calling a real junk removal service to finish the job.
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