Time to Let Go with These Cleanout Tips

By azjunk | News

Sep 26

Clutter is sucking the life out of you...

let go of items
We are all just like the entertainment giant, Disney, but instead of making silly cartoon princesses, we are holding on to stuff we should be getting rid of.

Just like Disney needs to trash those Star Wars prequels and try again, you need to get rid of your own trash. Yes, the prequels were trash.

Why do we hold onto stuff?

Sadly getting rid of junk is hard. On the upside, it's not your fault, it's your brain’s fault. Most of us have difficulty letting go items. Either we are too sentimentally attached or we think they have some hidden value. This is the root of the clutter problem. It's difficult to break sentimentality. A recent study of the brain showed that letting go of a valued possession has the same effect on your brain as burning your tongue. It's painful, literally, to let things go. But once you have broken free of this mental trap you’ll be less stressed, more energetic and feel more relaxed.



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How does our crap bring us down?

Clutter can occur anywhere; at home, at work even on your electronic devices. Let’s take a day at the office: when your desk, computer and time is cluttered you may find yourself mentally exhausted by the end of the day; even worse, you may feel as if you didn’t accomplish anything.

That is because clutter affects how you process information and inhibits your ability to think creatively.

All that stuff competes for your attention and you lose focus which also affects your productivity. That same effects happen at home. Expect home is where you come to relax, where you hope to find some peace after a hectic day at the office. So the clutter crime has an even stronger impact on your brain.

Give yourself a mental boost and start clearing out the clutter.

You can start with your movie collection. In case you have lived under a rock for the last decade, movies are digital now, you don’t need DVDs or Blu-Rays anymore. dvd shelf

Heaven help you if you actually have any VHS tapes or worse, any version of Attack of the Clones.

Speaking of digital, books are made that way now too. Go through your bookshelves and clear out anything you haven’t read, and will never read. Or anything you have already read and know you will never read again.

There no reason to hold on to clothes that don’t fit, or are out of style. Chuck shoes that don’t have a partner, and some of the coats and jackets you have. You live in the Valley of the Sun, after all, you don’t need that many jackets.

Face facts, if it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it. Even if you can’t sell it, donate it or toss it out. Your brain will thank you. It might sting at first, but in the end, it will be better for your well-being and peace of mind.

Feel free to give us a ring to help clean out items you no longer need. If you live outside of the metro Phoenix area, search "cleanout hauling" and you'll find a local company who can assist in hauling away your clutter.

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