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Aug 24
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Getting Rid of Junk Before Moving

Moving with junk happens to the best of us. We’ve all been there, even when we moved out of our college dorm we took boxes of junk with us, some that remain unopened to this day. If you don’t get rid of it before you move, you’ll end up hauling it to your new home. You and, hopefully, some of your buddies will spend hours loading, hauling and unloading boxes. Do you really want to add more work by packing up all that junk too?

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If you take all this additional (unneeded) stuff you’ll spend days, just like our customer, going through it only to toss most of it out; nobody wants a bunch of old junk cluttering up their new spacious place. Even worst, you’ll be so excited to get your new place set up and settled in, all that old crap will just sit there, in those decrepit ugly boxes, taking up space, as usual. And you’ll be too tired to mess with it after days of arranging furniture and hanging pictures.

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Moving is tough, but it's tougher when moving with junk.
"One of our customers recently moved and when they got things to their new house, they spent days going through stuff and tossing junk. They collected dozens of boxes of trash, clothes, toys, old movies and CDs and tons of other old useless stuff. When we picked up their load, they expressed how much easier it all would have been if they had decluttered before they moved. We couldn’t agree more."
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Ridding yourself of excess will make your move easier and will make your new home even that much more spectacular.

First things first, you likely have more uneeded belongings than you think. So let's take a look at how you can assess your stuff to identify possisions you should no longer keep.

For most of us this is the hard part. It's time to sort the good from the bad. Now, bad doesn't mean it's total junk, but it may not be something you'll use in the near future or ever. Since most of us tend to use our garage for storage, start there.

Benefits of Eliminating Excess Before Moving

  • Less stuff to move
  • Less stuff to unpack
  • Less junk at your new place
  • Donate your reusable items to people who can use them
  • Recycle instead of filling up landfills

Access Each & Every Item

Ask Yourself:

  • How long has it been since I have used this?
  • Will I ever use it again?
  • How much is it worth?
  • Can I buy it again for pennies on the dollar, if I really do need it 


Whatever you do, don't make a “maybe” pile. Guess what? That's not a thing.

For your sake, weed out the junk. You, my friend, like all of us have been hoarding junk in that apartment for years. Start by clearing out all that crap. Go through your closets, and drawers and get rid of all of that junk. Make a pile, hopefully, a large pile of stuff you don’t want or need and set it aside.


If you can’t decide what to do with an item, then just get rid of it.

Try the “only handle it once” philosophy. Sometimes we have things we aren’t sure if we are ready to give up yet. So we set them aside to deal with later. Not only does this make your packing job harder but it also makes it take longer. If you can’t decide what to do with an item, then just get rid of it. If it's not a sure keeper, you don’t need it.


You can’t leave behind junk, trash, furniture; everything has to go.

Keep in mind how much space you have at your new place. If your closet is smaller, get rid of clothes before you haul them over there. If the kitchen has less storage space, start cleaning out those plastic storage containers, honestly, how many do you really need?

Once you have moved all of the things you want to keep to your new place you have to deal with the aftermath of your old apartment. You already know this, but as a tenant, you have to get everything, everything, out of the apartment. You can’t leave behind trash or junk, you can’t even leave behind furniture that you just don’t want any more. Everything has to go. If you leave anything behind you can kiss your security deposit goodbye. They will keep it to “hire” a hauling crew to pick up the stuff you left.


AZ Junk will remove, haul, recycle or donate all of that junk you want to get rid of.

Take trash down to the dumpster, clear out junk, see if your neighbors want anything, you can even ask the new tenants if they want the couch that won’t fit in your new place. Whatever you do, clear everything out. If the new tenants take you up on your offer, get it in writing and show it to the landlord before you leave the couch behind.


Or if you have accumulated a large "get rid" of the pile, (and hopefully you have) instead of trying to haul it down 3 flights of stairs and stuff it in and around the dumpster.

Call someone to help bail you out. Here at AZ Junk Removal will trash, recycle, and/or donate all of the items you no longer need and decide to get rid of; see more.

Once everything is out of your home, there's one more job left; clean up. Again, if you want your security deposit back, make sure you leave your home or apartment as clean as possible. Once everything is out of the way this should be pretty easy, just a quick vacuum/sweep, wipe down the counters and you're pretty much done. See it’s not so bad.

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Scheduling a Cleanout

Once you've sorted all excess, we'll haul it away.


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It will make a huge dent in the amount of work you have to do and will help streamline the rest of the moving process.

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If you live outside of the Phoenix metro area, preform a google search for "local cleanout company" to find a haul away company near you.


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