Illegal Dumping in Maricopa County

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Apr 03

Illegal dumping is running rampant in Phoenix

Illegal dumping, or wildcat dumping, is starting to get out of hand in Maricopa County. Communities report complaints daily of trash, tires, and old appliances being dumped in alley ways, vacant lots and country sides.

Dumping Troubles in the West Valley

Tire dumping has specifically been causing the West Valley a lot of trouble. Although Maricopa County has a tire recycling facility, it is located in Queen Creek, and apparently many are not willing to make the long drive to deliver a load of tires. The amount of tire dumping has increased over 20% since last year alone. In one neighborhood alone a load of 22 semi truck tires were found.

Dumping Troubles in Tempe

Tempe is also dealing with illegal dumping, though their problems are surfacing due to government notices. Illegal dumping has been a problem in the alleyways of Tempe for years, however, recently Tempe authorities have told homeowners that it's time they clean up the mess. Homeowners are now being asked to clean up the alleyways or face fines.

These are just two of the hundreds of examples out there. Just take a drive around your neighborhood, you’ll see junk and trash on any vacant lot or alleyway. Old mattresses dragged under bushes, plastic bags and crap strewn about in all areas. It's a mess, and it's getting worse.

AZ Junk Illegal Dumping Pickups in Maricopa County

Keeping Arizona clean is all of our jobs! We have come a long way in our efforts to cleanup Arizona over the last 4 years, but there is still work to be done. Our natural desert beauty is part of what makes us one of the top places in the country to visit. 

The Problem with Illegal Dumping

It's not just the unsightly trash everywhere, it creates economic and health issue too.

First, illegal dumping places huge financial burdens on local governments. They have to spend thousands of dollars a year trying to deal with illegal dumping, money that could be better spent on other projects… money that is coming straight out of our pockets. In just a couple of years one Maricopa city spent over $750,000 on clean up, and court costs.

Next, let's talk about rats. I think we can all agree we don’t like rats. Yet dump sites are a huge breeding ground for these type of rodents and other disease carrying animals and insects. Not to mention the type and amount of bacteria that grows on old food and waste. Or that damage oil and chemicals spilled into the ground can have on soil and water.

Finally, in case you didn’t know, illegal dumping is a misdemeanor, with a $15,000 fine. That's a lot of money to risk by refusing a simple drive to the landfill.

AZ JUNK can help if you or your property has been a victim of Illegal dumping in Maricopa County. We also rent small dumpsters, perfiect for most any cleanup, see more here.

While the cites and County are taking action to help ease this problem, such as opening new recycling centers and developing appliance pick up programs they are still a long way from a solution. If you find you are having trouble with your alleyways, or other neighborhood areas there is another solution.

If you happen to have 22 semi truck tires lying around that you want to get rid of, you don’t have to sneak out in the dead of night to throw them on some else's property like a jack wang. Just call us, we can help.

Illegal dumping is a misdemeanor, with a $15,000 fine. That's a lot of money to risk by refusing a simple drive to the landfill.

AZ Junk - Illegal Dumping Pickups

We won't just sneak out to the boonies and dump it all, we're Sundevils after all, not wildcats.

If you received a notice to clean up someone else’s dump in your alley, we can help.

If your neighborhood has vacant lots that your HOA needs to spruce up, we can help. 

If you have a bunch of those weird items that can’t be disposed of by simply tossing them such as car parts, pint, batteries, propane tanks and everything else, guess what? We can help.

Keeping AZ Beautiful

Victim of Illegal Dumping? Call AZ JUNK

AZ Junk is there to help you with any and all of your junk removal needs. You can rest assured what we haul off will make it to its proper destination. We won't just sneak out to the boonies and dump it all, we're Sundevils after all, not wildcats.

AZ Illegal Dumping Resources

  1. Tip sheet – Everything you need to help cleanup your neighborhood or bring up at your next HOA meeting.
  2. 10 Steps to Organizing an Illegal Dumpsite Cleanup – assisting you with uniting people in your area to keep AZ beautiful.
  3. Statewide Illegal Dumping Regulations Guide – everything you need to know about cleanup and dumping laws in AZ.
  4. Law Enforcement Education Resources – helping your community work with law enforcement regarding illegal dumping.
  5. Additional Resources
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