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Best ways to have an appliance picked up and hauled away.

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After multiple unsuccessful attempts to repair your front loading washing machine you finally gave up huh? Sadly you had to shell out the money for a new one, so there is nothing left to do but play Call of Duty and ignore the giant soap box that is taking up enough space in the garage that you have to park out in the driveway. 

Or maybe you were smart and you threw that thing in the backyard instead. Garage space is like Settlement Defense Front bounty too precious to waste on junk, right?

You know, you're not Liz Lemon, you can’t just leave crap laying around. It sucks. It takes up space, and personal energy, plus it makes you look like a slob. So instead of being a Lemon be a Donaghy and be proactive. Here’s how you get rid of old broken appliances.

1. Give it away

The easiest thing to do is throw a “Take Me” sign on it and set it out on the curb. Depending on where you live it could be gone toot sweet. Most likely though you’ll just end up having to cart it back to the garage so you don’t get an HOA fine.

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2. Good Ol' Bulk Trash Hauling

Another simple option is to wait for a bulk trash pick up. Although this is an easy move, it comes with a risk. Your waste management team will probably take it, but sometimes they won't. Depending on what type of appliance you’re throwing out you might find it still lurking in your front drive when you get home.

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3. Sell It?

It would be great if you could sell it online, even if it's broken, some repairmen will pick up old appliances and fix them. Though to be honest, this is a rarity. But it's easy and free to do, so you might as well give it a shot. You can even try to give it away online as well, just post it up as free, and make sure they are willing to pick it up.

Maybe you have a friend that would take your old appliance, but if it's broken giving it away is sorta a jerk move. On that same note, if it still works there are dozens of donation centers that will take them.

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Best Option: AZ Junk for Appliance Pickups

Finally, and most easily, you can call AZ Junk to pick it up. We are a better option than city bulk trash pick up because you don’t have to worry about whether or not we will take it. You don't have to haul it out to the curb, you can leave it where it is. And more importantly, unlike city bulk trash pick ups, we will recycle or donate your item if we can. City pick ups just haul off everything they collect to the dump. Hey while we are there, tell us what else you’ve been hoping to get rid of and we can do a full sweep of your house and yard. All that's left for you to do is concentrate on killing those bad guys with your PlayStation controller.

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