Hauling Away Appliances

How to Get an Appliance Picked Up and Hauled Away

Old appliances make up the majority of junk that gets stored in the garage or backyard. These large items take up space, collect little critters, and are a complete eye sore. Now, the time has come to rid yourself of these burdens. We'll cover ways you can have these unwanted appliances picked up for free, donated, sold, and affordable pickup services.

After multiple, unsuccessful, attempts to repair your front loading washing machine you finally gave up, huh? Well did you replace the gasket? How about the control board? Did you try the baffles? Yes, baffles. They really have parts called baffles, I shit you not, look it up. The intricacies of front loaders baffle the mind...see what I did there? Sadly, you had no choice but to shell out the cash for a new one. Now there is nothing left to do but sit around contemplating the many ways Season 8 of GoT went so terribly, terribly, wrong.

parking in a full garage
The last time you were able to park your car in the garage.

That and ignore the giant, broken, monstrosity that is taking up so much space in the garage that you have to park your car out in the driveway. Under the sun. That's 27,000,000 degrees of heat shining down on your car. Fortunately for you, the weather hasn’t been so bad, but one day it’ll be 115 degrees again and the steering wheel shaped burn scars on your hands will make the old bitterness and rage of that stupid broken front loader renew with a vigor you can’t fully comprehend.

You know, you're not Liz Lemon, you can’t just leave crap laying around. It sucks and it makes you look like a Redneck Hillbilly Deadbeat Slob. No one likes an RHBS. That crappy old appliance takes up space and personal energy. So instead of being a Lemon be a Donaghy, be proactive. Here’s how you get rid of old broken appliances.

1. Giving an Old Appliance Away

old appliance pick up

The easiest thing to do to get rid of an old appliance for free is throw a “Take Me” sign on it and set it out on the curb. Depending on where you live, it could be gone toot sweet. Most likely, though, you’ll just end up having to cart it back into the garage so you don’t get a fine from the HOA.

You could also look into donating it. Even though your appliance is broken some charitable organizations will take it. They specialize in selling stuff at dirt cheap prices, maybe someone with more fix it skills than you will scoop it up and get it running again; just tell them, up front, that it's broken.

A salvage yard might also be willing to take your old stove, fridge, and/or washer; it really just depends on their needs. You could also haul these items off to a recycling center and get a little cash for the metal.

This next idea is a bit of a stretch, but check out the arts. Performing art groups are always in need of props, and there could a random trash/recycle artist who could make use of a broken down appliance.

Think about your circle of friends, perhaps there is someone there that you can give it to. Maybe you have a friend that would take your old appliance, but if it's broken giving it away is sorta a jerk move. On the other hand, it might be just what your friend deserves.

2. Use Your City's Bulk Trash Pickup Service

fridge on curb

Another simple option is to wait for a bulk trash pick up. Every city is a bit different when it comes to items they will accept (see our article where we breakdown bulk trash regulations for each city/town throughout Maricopa County).

Although this is an easy move, it comes with a risk. A lot of waste management divisions will actually pick up a lot of different appliances, assuming they are freon-free. But depending on what type of appliance you’re throwing out you might find it still lurking in your front drive when you get home. We created a guide for getting rid of a fridge including local Phoenix resources here.

If you're lucky enough to live in an area where your city will pick up your old appliance, then you have to deal with the guilt of being a part of our nationwide landfill problem. You threw a huge appliance in a landfill instead of finding a green way to discard it, just because you were being lazy.

Truth hurts.


3. Selling a Used Appliance

how you can sell an appliance

The most ideal way to get rid of an old appliance is to sell it. If what you have laying around isn’t broken then it should be pretty easy. Just let people know what you've got and watch the potential buyers come flooding in. If, however, it's broken then selling it is going to be like stopping Thanos from getting all six Infinity Stones, like a 1 in 14,000,605 million chance. Still, there is a chance.

It would be great if you could sell it online, even if it's broken, some repairmen will pick up old appliances and fix them. You could try posting it on Craigslist, Facebook Yardsale, NextDoor, or FreeCycle. All of these sites are places people troll through looking for good deals. Maybe you’ll get lucky and Joe Shmoe will grab it and make it run like new again. Though to be honest, Joe Shmoes are pretty rare. Still, it's easy and free to make posts on all of these online sites, so you might as well give it a shot. You can even try to give it away online, just post it up as free, but make sure they are willing to pick it up. The last thing you need is to drive to Yuma to drop off your old junk. Here's a YouTube video to help get you started.

4. Hire a Hauling Service Like AZ Junk


Serving the entire Metro Phoenix area

There is one final option. It's a bit like snow cones on a hot day...amazeballs. It's an idea that is so simple, it's brilliant. Genius, even. Like Will Hunting genius. It's arrogant, troubled, smart and totally engrossing, also completely deserving of an Oscar or two.

All it takes is a phone and a number. Turn on your phone and give us a call. We are a better option than city bulk trash pick ups.

Why AZ Junk for Appliance Pickups?

  • you don’t have to worry about whether or not we will take it 
  • you don't have to haul it out to the curb; you can leave it where it is 
  • unlike city bulk trash pick ups, we will recycle or donate your item if we can

City pick ups just haul off everything they collect to the dump and that's pretty trashy. Hey, while we are there, tell us what else you’ve been hoping to get rid of and we can do a full sweep of your house, garage, and yard. All that will be left for you to do is use the mathematical genius you developed from re-watching Good Will Hunting for the 100th time to figure out what to do with your life now that GoT has come to an end.

Maybe you can write a screenplay ending the Games the right way. How do ya like them apples?


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