How To Get Rid of an Appliance

The easiest ways to dispose of appliances is to schedule a free pick-up with a recycling program, donating to a local charity or non-profit, or selling it. Many local city bulk trash services offer special appliance curbside pickups, if you're just looking to toss the old appliance. I'll breakdown the details for each of these popular was to dispose of that appliance that's taking up residence in your home.

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 How not to dispose of your appliances. ⬆

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The last time you were able to park your car in the garage.

If you don't live in Phoenix, AZ then using my appliance pickup service service isn't an option. Here's choices you have when it comes to showing your old appliance the door;

Give it Away

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Slapping a “Take Me” sign on an old washing machine and hauling it out to the curb might seem like the easiest freebie disposal hack. If you're lucky, it’ll vanish faster than your diet resolutions. Yeah—it’s broken, but there are these amazing places that thrive on the “one man’s trash” philosophy. People make a living out of refurbishing old appliances. Sometimes they're in your neighborhood on bulk trash day looking for curbside items that can easily be repaired. Just make sure to drop the “It’s not you, it’s me” line about it being broken. 

On the other hand, if it still works, you can consider donating it? Here's a good link for it.

Another give away option -- while unconventional -- consider the arts. Performing arts groups and schools often need props, and your broken down microwave or toaster oven could be useful inventory.

What about friends? Run through through your phone contacts and see if it makes sense to send anyone a text about needing it. You could also posting something on your social media feed going out to your local followers/friends. Giving an old (possibly broken appliance) to someone might seem inconsiderate, unless it's precisely what they're looking for.


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A salvage yard might be interested in your old stove, fridge, or washer depending on their current needs. Hauling an appliance into a recycling center could earn you a bit of money for the metal.

Bulk Trash Pickup

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One straightforward option is to utilize a Bulk Trash Pickup service. Cities vary in the items they accept for disposal. For example, most city bulk trash services will accept appliances like vacuum cleaners, fans, toaster ovens, blenders, and coffee makers. But when it comes to larger items like stoves, washer/dryers, and fridges you will need to confirm with them before hauling it out to the curb on bulk trash pickup day (for a detailed breakdown of bulk trash regulations by city/town in Maricopa County, see our article). City Bulk Trash Pickup, while convenient, this method is not without its risks. Many waste management departments will pick up a variety of appliances, provided they do not contain Freon. However, depending on the appliance type, you may return home to find it still sitting in your driveway. To assist, we've compiled a guide on fridge disposal, including resources in the Phoenix area, available here.

Sell It

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Trying to sell it may feel like you're auditioning for a role in Mission Impossible. But hey, if people can sell half-eaten sandwiches online as art, there's hope for your crusty toaster oven.

Alright, eBay's off the table— we're not trying to ship a fridge cross-country. Focus on the local scene. There's a goldmine of platforms perfect for local face-to-face transactions.

The best place to sell an appliance online is Facebook Marketplace. It's like having a garage sale, but without the early morning setup. Snap a pic, write a witty description (something like: "Ever dreamed of owning a microwave that's also a time machine? Well, it's not. But it can reheat your pizza in under a minute."), and boom, you've entered the local marketplace.

Next up, we have Nextdoor the neighborhood app. It's like the gossip fence of the digital age, but it's also a hotspot for selling stuff locally. 

Don't overlook OfferUp, Freecycle, or Craigslist. They might feel like a blast from the past, but hey, retro is in. Plus, it's a straightforward way to get your appliance in front of local eyes without the hassle. 

Selling Online Tip A: Safety First

When selling online it's best to meet in a public place—no one wants to turn a fridge sale into a true crime podcast episode.

Selling Online Tip B: Get It Picked Up for Free

If you don't have any selling it, try giving it away online. Just post it up as free, but make sure the buyer is willing to pick it up.

Junk Removal Company

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Serving the entire Metro Phoenix area.

Don't let an unwanted appliance be the elephant in the room. Why go through the hassle of trying to sell it, risking no-shows from flaky buyers, when you can experience the magic of AZ Junk Removal? Call us at 602-799-4181 if you live in the Phoenix metro area, or look up junk removal companies in your area and read their customer reviews to select a trusted company.

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