Haul Away Your Worries This Summer

By azjunk | DIY

May 23

Helping you get the most out of your backyard this summer.


Well, I guess you're only lovin' your outdoor space when it doesn't resemble an abandon salvage yard. Really, how much fun can you have with all that crap back there?

You can try to pretend the junk is not there. Ignore it and it will be like it doesn’t exist. And if it's been there long enough you might have even become blind to it, but guess what you're the only one.

No one else is junk blind. They see all that crap you have accumulated outside and they are not enjoying your barbecue, they are wondering if there are any pack rats living in that mess. Chances are pretty good there are some rats in there. Do your friends, and more importantly yourself, a favor, clean up the yard.

Haul Away Your Clutter

It not just ugly but all that junk isn’t safe either. Your yard probably has many hidden dangers both to you and your family, as well as your guests. It's time to take control over your life again, or at least over your yard. First things first, get rid of all the crap.

We Help with All your Property Clean Up Needs

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With AZ Junk the worst can be taken care of easily. It's pretty likely most of that crap you have can’t just be set out on the curb for pick up. Most cities won’t just take what you leave out. But we’ll show up and haul all your worries away. That pile of junk that you didn’t know what to do with or you just weren’t ready to toss out yet, is gone, just like that, and you didn’t even have to lift a finger.

What We Haul

Yard waste like piles and bags of leaves and tree trimmings can be gone in a flash. You don’t even have to haul it out to the curb, we’ll pick it up right where it is.

junk hauling donation in phoenix

The AZ Junk Removal team hard at work donating unwanted items in Phoenix, AZ.

While you're tackling the mess that has become your backyard try to look at those staples that have been there so long you don’t even notice them anymore. Like the swing set for you kids that has been broken for two years. If it's not in working condition, spend a little time and effort on it and get it back in working order. Do a few repairs and add a new coat of paint, make it like new again, your yard and your kids will thank you. If it is beyond repair then plan on tossing it with the rest of the junk.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have a spa in your backyard you have probably also had the misfortune of watching it break down. It's a common habit with hot tubs. If it is beyond repair get rid of it too. Not only does it take up all that space, but it's a hazard to have around.

Restoring Your Backyard for Summertime

Next, see what damage has been done by all that junk. You might need to consider an upgrade to you landscaping, now that you can finally see the whole yard again. If you really want to swing for the fence, consider redesigning the whole thing altogether, lay some sod, put in a fountain, you know, make it nice again. A place where you want to spend your summer evenings. Here are a few tips to spruce it up without spending too much.

Look up some Youtube tutorial on how to make a DIY firepit. This might just be aesthetic for now but once Fall hits you can light it up while hanging out in your swing or maybe go island with it and get a hammock. Pintrest is a great to brainstorm some ideas for DIY backyard projects.

DIY Backyard Ideas

Another nice touch, that is pretty simple, is adding a walkway or a path using stones or pebbles. Also with just a few supplies and a little effort, you can add a nice fountain using an old tire.

All of these simple DIY yard elements will really change the atmosphere.

Look at your yard now and imagine what it could like with just a little TLC. You know life is better without junk.

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