Best Gift Idea for Her – Cleanliness is Godlness

Looking for that perfect gift for your better half? Now you may think this is an odd topic for us here at AZ Junk, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

See we usually get our moms flowers, chocolates, maybe a fancy dinner out. But here’s a women’s only secret … she doesn’t really want flowers, or candy, or fancy dinners.

Just ask her, she’ll tell you. Wait a minute, I forgot who we’re talking about here. You’ll ask her what she wants and she’ll say, “oh nothing.” And when you come home with nothing, you’ll spend the next week sleeping on the couch.


But trust us, we’ve never steered you wrong before. What she really wants is a clean house. Yes, if you deliver flowers and chocolates, she will gush over them. She will keep gushing as she digs through years of accumulated kitchen crap to find the only vase she ever uses, even though she has about 25 different ones.

She’ll eat some chocolate then get up to pick up the overflow of children's toys that seem to have grown and infested every room in the house.

All the while she will be thinking, these chocolates would sure taste better if I was sitting on the couch with my feet up, reading a good book.

So we’re going to lay it out for you, step by step, how to make this upcoming special occasion special for her.

What She Really Wants

The first thing you’ll need to do is get her out of the house. Get her a spa day or arrange for her to have a girl's day with some friends. Just make sure she isn’t there.

Next, get AZ Junk to come take care of the house.

We can start with the 24 vases she never uses and work our way through the rest of the house, even clearing out some of those old toys the kids have outgrown.

clean home call azjunk

 We’ll clear out all the old unwanted, or broken junk that you have just never gotten rid of. We can go room by room with you and all you have to do is say, let's get rid of that, or we don’t use that, and it is gone.

point and we'll load

What will really make an impression on her will be to go through the storage unit that used to be a garage. It can be the most daunting part of a cleaning out project, years and years of “what do with do with this?” just sitting there hogging all of that shaded parking space.  Once we have hauled off all that old junk she will finally be able to park there again. Just imagine the smile on her face when you open the garage door upon her return. She never looks like that when you bring home flowers.

garage cleanup

While we’re at it, let go through all that stuff you have sitting in the back yard. You and I, and especially her, know you don’t need it. Get rid of it and take control over your yard again.

Maybe you can treat her to a homemade dinner on the back porch to top off the day and cement yourself as the best, most loving, amazing, supreme and incomparable husband or son ever.

And it won’t just last for a little while, she won’t watch as her beautiful roses wither and day and forget how great Mother’s Day was. She’ll experience the happiness of it every day. We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again decluttering makes the brain happy.

Now every time she sees the lack of junk around the house her happy little brain will think of you and you become enshrined as a superhero for all time.

Call AZ Junk Removal

Gift her with the gift of a clean and clutter free home now. Call us today to schedule a pickup. We'll go through and load up everything she doesn't want!

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