Get rid of that junk in preparation for great Arizona weather

By azjunk | Junk Removal

Aug 05

Beautiful weather is on its way, you’ll enjoy it more if you’re clutter free.

There is no end to the many ways you can enjoy your backyard, in Phoenix, when it's 75° and sunny.

Summertime is almost over, all of those projects you promised yourself you would get done are still lingering in your garage or backyard.

get rid of backyard junk

Artwork by Robin Olausson

Soon beautiful Fall temperatures are going to lure you away leaving that pile of junk for another year.

But by calling AZ Junk you can enjoy all Phoenix has to offer knowing when you get home your house will be junk free. AZ Junk will tackle those clutter problems for you. Just throw everything you don’t want into a pile and AZ Junk will take care of the rest. We will donate and recycle everything we can, helping you to enjoy that cleaned up backyard guilt free.

Artwork by Pascal Campion

Artwork by Pascal Campion

Life is better without junk.

Got heavy appliances, or a broken hot tub crowding up your backyard? We know it’s hard to enjoy a barbecue with a broken down tub in the way. Well AZ Junk will get rid of it for you with plenty of time to spare, so you can concentrate on throwing that family barbecue this Fall.

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