Best Way to Clean Out a Garage in the Summer

By azjunk | DIY

May 25

Phoenix is hot, but it's much hotter when you step into a garage.


We’ve already reached triple digits and you haven’t cleaned out the garage like you promised your wife you would do 4 months ago. She is going to kill you.  On the other hand, if you spend 6 hours in the garage during the sweltering summer that might kill you too. Hmm, what to do? This is a conundrum.

Challenges of a Summertime Garage Clean Out

You may think you can tough it out, it's only 105 out, but did you know the garage can be 20 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. That so hot your change will melt into a medallion in your pocket and your cigarette will light itself. You’ll be sweating so much people will think you're a politician.

You could probably just ignore it, but she wants to park her mom-mobile in there so the kids don’t burn up everytime they get in. And if she doesn't get her way every singed finger and seat belt branding is going to come with a glare and lecture from the little lady. Do you want to spend all summer sleeping on the couch? Or do you want to kill yourself cleaning out the garage when it 150 degrees? No? Well don’t worry you don’t have to die; we can save you from suffering any of these horrible fates.

Summertime in Phoenix, also know as March through November, is the worst time of the year to clean out the garage, but alas, it must be done. You can't ignore it for life, and honestly, you’ll feel so much better once it's done. It is a lot of work, but we know the secret to making it easy. Not only is it easy but there are no shortcuts, no only half way. It's not like other quick and easy solutions where you take everything and hide it in the back yard or in the storage shed, this is a real solution.

Solution to the Proverbial 125° Garage Clean Up

Here are the steps to easy garage clean out.
  1. Go into the garage, take an ice cold beer or a tall glass of sweet tea.

  2. Look at all of that crap.

  3. Call AZ Junk, we’ll meet you there.

  4. Sip your icy beverage while you build muscle tone pointing at the things you want gone.

  5. You point at it, we haul it off.

rental property cleanout
Go inside, tell your wife the garage is done. 

She can now move her mom-mobile into the shade and you are the hero husband and the hero father. What a provider and protector you are!

Secretly we know you're hoping to steal the new space to work on your own car, build model airplanes, store fireworks, reload those empty shotguns shells or finish building your smoker, but she doesn't have to know that.

Just get the garage cleaned out and then you can battle over who gets to use it.

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