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Bulky trash removal from your curb, backyard, or inside your home. If you live in the Phoenix metro area, we are the bulk trash service near you!


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About our bulky trash services

Get rid of all of your junk at once for a great price.

Just give us a call or hit the schedule button, the affordable price you see is the price you pay. There is practically no limit on size, weight, or the types of items we accept. We can also complete the renewal of your space even if you're not home. The time has come to eliminate clutter from your backyard or garage!


Brad Thomason

Owner of Arizona Junk

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Bulk Trash Pickup in Arizona
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Affordable flat rate pricing

When you want to get all the unwanted junk out of your home or business, AZ Junk is here to make it easy. People often wonder how much junk removal cost. We'll get you an accurate quote up-front based on a photo or an in-person visit. The quoted price is the price you pay – no surprises or hidden fees.

Backyard Bulk Cleanup

Embarrassed by the bulk collection of junk your backyard features? It's more common than you think. We have the one-stop solution to renewing your backyard. Even if you live out-of-state or aren't able to meet us on-site, we can get the job done without anyone at the property. We'll get your backyard cleaned out so you can use it to relax, entertain, and enjoy the great Arizona weather.

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Garage Bulk Cleanouts

A clean garage can be a versatile addition to your living space; a place for work or for play. Unfortunately, the garage can easily transform from your living space to your unwanted stuff's living space. The clutter quickly becomes overwhelming once it takes over. We can remove the junk and leave the things you want so you can use your garage again. We also offer complete garage clean-outs. No one needs to be present for us to haul away the junk from a designated area.

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You've moved all of your stuff to a new property, but your home or office is still full of junk. No need to worry – AZ Junk can do a complete home or office trash-out. We'll remove everything, then properly dispose of it all through donations and recycling. We can work directly with your building manager or property manager to get the job done without you needing to be present.

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Bulky Debris Removal

When it comes to renewing your living space, remodeling is the ultimate makeover for your home. Unfortunally, the job's not complete until the site is free of debris. We are here to load up all that lumber, tile, drywall, and anything else you demo. For residential remodeling debris removal in Phoenix, we've got you covered. 

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People like us but don't take our word for it

Free or Cheap Bulk Trash Alternatives 

Are you more of a do-it-yourself type? Here are some other cheap options for getting rid of your bulk trash.

City Bulk Trash

Dumpster Rental by City

Donation Centers

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Why us for large trash pickups?

We won't be beat out by any legitimate competitor – guaranteed. 

We've Served Phoenix Since 2001

Unlike other hauling services, our focus isn't just about picking up unwanted junk and garbage, since we genuinely care about providing the best services to you. Besides that, we don't have size limits and there is never a need to worry about moving your junk to the curb like many other bulk city trash rules. We go directly where your items are located and bring them away using the appropriate tools and equipment, often using a same-day service!

--Brad Thomason, Owner of AZ Junk Removal

Same Day Bulk Trash Pickup

We never rest, so when it comes to immediate junk hauls and same-day pickups, we're champions at meeting your scheduled needs. If it's just a few items of trash or garbage you need hauled off, see this page. This can come from unexpected occasions like estate cleanouts, foreclosure cleanouts, and garage and residential cleanups. Since we're located in Waddell, AZ we can usually offer our same day 'Bulk Pick Up Phoenix' service. We make it our business to be there for you when you need to get rid of junk at a moment's notice.

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Recycling & Donating

Not all the bulk garbage pick up companies recycle or donate. Since a lot of the bulky items we haul away aren't trash by definition, we store these items till we have a load of items for donation and recycling. We're happy to donate your clothing, furniture, appliances, and much more.  There are also large items like pool tables, vehicles, trailers, hot tubs, spas, that can be scrapped or dropped off at local donation centers.

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Bagster pickup

Your local Waste management will gladly provide a Bagster bag and you fill it with whatever is allowed to take away. As long as it's on your property, we'll come and get your trash pickup, and we'll do the rest for sorting the contents of that bag for recycling or dumping. The best part is our service is a flat price of $150 no matter how much you put in the bag with no limitations.

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furniture removal

This isn't limited to furniture like sofas or mattresses, we will take away ovens, fridges, washers and dryers, water heaters, air conditioners, mowers, and any appliance you want to be taken away. There is also office and retail equipment in addition to clothing and items that are related to stiff within your home or business.

commercial services

We aren't limited to homes and residential properties and have plenty of experience working in the commercial business sector. This is actually where the owner Brad got his start by moving and delivering office furniture for several years before starting AZ Junk. For us, every pickup job is important, so we'll give every pickup our devoted attention.

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Hot tub and spa removal

Do you have an old hot tub or spa that's not working anymore? If you do and need to make space for a new hot tub, we'll jump right in to ensure that these bulky items are taken away on the same day you place an order for removal or disposal.

Structural demolition and removal

Some items can be a real challenge to remove from your property and are causing more worry than what they were intended to be used for. This can include sheds, barns, guest houses, small buildings, and anything that's fire damaged. In addition to that, we also remove industrial machines, boats, RVs, trailer homes, and much more.

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Horder Cleanouts 

We safely and efficiently get rid of clutter, debris, and unwanted items from homes or storage spaces. By providing a clean and organized living environment, this speciality service improves overall safety, hygiene, and well-being. With a focus on restoring physical and mental health, our hoarding cleanup offers individuals or, your loved one, a fresh start. Don't wait any longer, get all that junk picked up!

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Estate Bulk Cleanups

We understand that this can be a difficult and emotional time, which is why we approach estate cleanouts with and emphases on compassion and efficiency. Whether you're dealing with the recent passing of a loved one or simply need to downsize and clear out clutter, our crew will work with you to make the process as smooth as possible.

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Downsizing Services

When you or your loved one need to move into a smaller place we know how to help eliminate bulk items that are nonessential. From decluttering and organizing to eco-friendly disposal, we ensure a stress-free and sustainable downsizing experience.

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Recyclable Bulk Pickups

Our team specializes in efficiently removing metal and other relevant parts from various items, including hot tubs and more. We understand the importance of proper disposal and recycling, and dedicate extra effort to handle these materials responsibly.If you have large bulk scrap metal that needs to be removed or require demolition services, click to read more.

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Roll off dumpster services

Sometimes you have home improvement projects like changing your roof or making improvements around your home. This is when having a roll-off dumpster is ideal for tossing out loads of trash and junk items at your convenience. We'll deliver a dumpster, you fill it with what you want to be hauled away and we pick it up. Simple as that!

From a full load to single items, one call and we'll remove it all

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Same Day Junk Removal Cities

While we offer same day pickup service throughout the entire Phoenix valley, we prioritize our schedule by cities in our closest proximity.  

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