?Does AZ Junk Removal offer same day hauling?
Yes, we provide same-day hauling to most of the Phoenix metropolitan area. If you live outside of one of our service areas, we can connect you with one of our partner companies that will be able to meet your same-day needs.
?Do I have to be at home for you to haul away my junk?
No. With our 1-2-3 Easy Hauling Service, if we can get access to your junk and have a clear plan, we can haul away your junk without ever meeting in person. This is perfect for winter visitors, people moving out of state, or commercial trash-outs.
?Can you pick up and haul away just one item?
Absolutely. Single-item pickup is a common service for AZ Junk Removal. Take a look at our Single Item Pricing Chart. The price you see is the price you pay.
?Is AZ Junk Removal Insured?
Definitely. We carry a million dollar policy to ensure that you and your property are covered.
?Does AZ Junk Removal remove items from inside homes or businesses?
Absolutely, we offer indoor and outdoor removal/haul-away services. See our Full Service page.
?What type of payments do you accept?
We are flexible, and accept many payment options, including all major credit cards.
?Do you offer after-hours or Sunday hauling services?
Yes – we have a flexible schedule and can work before or after business hours. Saturday or Sunday service is available at no extra charge.
?Why should I choose AZ Junk Removal?
With over twenty years of hauling, removal, and moving experience, we can clean out your property quickly and easily. We have the lowest prices in Phoenix because we have little overhead and big trucks. We can do a job in one trip that would take our competitors two truckloads.
?How does your pricing work?
Hauling companies charge by the amount of the truck your load fills. See our complete article on pricing for hauling companies. We provide flat-rate pricing for Small, Medium, Large, and Full-Truck loads, plus special discount prices for single items. We list our pricing up-front for everything we haul. You'll know what price you will be paying before we arrive.
?Why does the size of your trucks matter?
Pricing for hauling is based on the portion of the truck the load fills up. Our 14' by 8' trucks carry more than our competitors' 10' by 8' trucks for the same price (or better!) We need fewer truckloads for a big job, or we can put more partial loads on the same truck. Either way, you pay less for more space.
?Do you recycle or donate the things you pick up?
Yes – piling junk on a landfill doesn't help anyone. We will donate everything we can, then recycle anything an Arizona family can't reuse.
?Why can’t AZ Junk Removal dispose of Hazardous Waste or Chemicals?
Legally, we are unable to carry Hazardous material in our trucks. Please contact your local City Recycling Center for assistance in disposing of these materials.
?Does AZ Junk Removal have a Privacy Statement?
Yes - Our Privacy Policy can be found here.

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