Facebook Yard Sales – Easily Turn Junk into Cash

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Sep 15

Facebook Yard Sales make it easy to sell your furniture, appliances, equipment, and much more.


Have you been planning to put together a yard sale for ages, but the thought of hosting a yard sale and wasting a whole Saturday bums you out? Then try Facebook Yard Sales.

Items people will Pickup and Pay You Cash
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Sports Equipment
  • Pool Tables
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Tables
  • Chairs / Barstools
  • Electronics
  • Games
  • Toys
  • Even Junk Like Unwanted Empty Boxes (really)

About Facebook Yard Sale Groups

Similar to Ebay and Craigslist, Facebook Yard Sales lets you post items for sale online. Most online selling pros feel Facebook is more reliable than other options such as Craigslist, for example, buyers are more likely to follow through on Facebook. Although there is a time commitment, it is significantly less than wasting a whole Saturday.

You don’t need big-ticket items, like furniture, pool tables, and exercise equipment, to make a lot of money. Facebook Yard Sales are just that yard sales. You can list things such as board games, old toys, camping equipment, books, and knick-knacks.

While there is something nostalgic about traditional yard sales, Facebook has made it easy to sell your items, without the hassle of hosting a Saturday yard sale.

How to Use Facebook Yard Sales

facebook salesFinding the right yard sale group is easy. Login to Facebook and search for “online yard sales.” A list of groups in your area will appear. Browse through the options to find the one that's best. Now here is an important thing to remember, no matter which group you choose, make sure you read and understand the rules. The rules generally cover who you can contact and how much time each contact is given to decide yes or no on your item. Some groups will even place restrictions on delivery/pickup of items. You don’t want to get blindsided, so read all of the rules before you post your unwanted items. If you fail to abide by the rules of the group, they won’t hesitate to toss you out.

Things to Know About Selling on Facebook Yard Sales

Remember these group pages are different from personal pages, they are run by a moderator who will have to approve you before you can join.

When you begin to post items remember these important tips.

  • Describe your item completely and honestly. If there is wear and tear on your things tell the buyers and be specific, but be just as clear about the positive aspects.
  • If it was rarely used, say so, if you have a smoke free, pet free home, say so; this is a huge selling point for many buyers.
  • Your description should include the size and age of the item and as well as a reasonable price.

Quality Images

You will need to include a current picture of the pieces you want to sell, but don't slack off on the photo, it's almost as important as the description. Show your old things in the best light, that means clear out all the other clutter from the shot. Use an angle that is close enough that your items fill the frame. Finally, light it up; dark blurry pictures make for hard sales. If you can, take the picture outside, where the natural light will make for a clear shot.


Pricing to Sell

When you think pricing, remember this is your old stuff. It has lost a lot of value and is not worth what you paid for it. If you really want to make a sell, set your price at approximately ⅓ of the original price. If it is a timeless piece you might get as much as ½ the original price. Items priced any higher than that, usually don’t sell at all.

Concluding the Sale

After making the sale, you need to make arrangements for the buyer to get the stuff, if it's small enough, you can mail it, but generally a pick up is arranged. Safety must be a priority.

Unless it's necessary, don’t arrange pick ups at your home. Instead, use stores like Costco and Sams that are in your neighborhood. Try listing the pickup location in your item description, then your buyers will know exactly what to expect. Never include your address or any personal information in the item description.

With a little time and effort, all the old stuff you have piled up will melt away leaving you with some extra cash in hand.

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