Senior Downsizing

Shifting gears over to active living may seem a bit complicated, especially if you are starting to make plans for moving into a smaller home or active senior living community. AZ Junk Removal specializes in helping seniors cut back on clutter that has accumulated over the years. Contact us today to schedule our downsizing service and consider your burden of eliminating unneeded items as good as gone!

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Downsizing Services

Most people know us for our  junk removal and dumpster rental services, but we're also downsizing specialist, helping folks to de-clutter their homes. Our experience has allowed us to provide friendly and professional elimination services that include downsizing programs for homeowners and business owners alike.  It’s our reliable service that makes our customers satisfied with quick and easy turnaround results that make any kind of downsizing project easier to manage.

How We Help

Moving is tough work, which is why we do all the heavy lifting for you. We can take away the heaviest items such as furniture and appliances, and we can even provide dumpster rentals for large-scale cleanouts. Here’s a quick breakdown of the cleanout services we provide:

  • Garage Cleanout: A garage especially is one of the most common spots that get cluttered over the years. We have years of experience removing unwanted items and junk that helps make more space for renovation projects and of course downsizing plans.
  • Backyard Cleanup: Perhaps you are looking to sell your home and want to improve the appearance of your property. We further provide help with clearing debris and items that are in your backyard, front yard, or taking up space on your property.
  • Bulk Trash Removal: If it’s bulky or not easy to move, or is broken and no longer used anymore, we can remove items that include appliances, furniture, mattresses, and much more.
  • Dumpster Rentals: If you have stuff that is trash, debris, or junk that needs to go away quickly, we have several types of dumpsters that we deliver and pick up that are scheduled around your needs.
  • Furniture Removal: All of those large and bulky pieces of furniture including couches, dressers, reclining chairs, and tables can further be cleared out at your request.
  • Appliance Removal: Old stoves, refrigerators, freezers, washers, and dryers that you need to be removed are safely and quickly hauled away with our hard-working crew.
  • Hot Tub Removal: We're experts at removing hot tubs and saunas and can even safely demolish an old hot tub if it can't be moved out practically.
  • Pool Table Removal: Any professional pool table is most certainly heavy to move, which is why we have the skills to move it to another location with special care.

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We've helped 100s of Phoenix residences eliminate clutter to transition into smaller living spaces.

Navigating the difficulty of how to eliminate personal items that have piled up over the years is what we do best! 

Why AZ Junk for Downsizing Help?

Downsizing and moving is never an easy job. It's especially challenging for seniors because of mobility issues or physical restrictions. AZ Junk Removal is the perfect choice for seniors looking to downsize to make the transition into a smaller home, or perhaps, just looking to de-cluttering their current living space. 

Every customer can interact directly with our owner Brad Thomason, who’s worked as a downsizing specialist in the junk removal business for over 20 years. He understands the concerns of those who are not sure what to do with stuff that has been collected in family home over several years. Because of his experience, along with an expert staff, AZ Junk Removal provides outstanding care to remove items from a loved ones home or property. When it comes to clutter and junk we can assist with sorting through which items should stay and which should be hauled away.

Our pricing is upfront and honest so you know what you can expect to pay for our downsizing service based on flat rate load size, or by receiving a free on-site quote.

 Need more reasons why AZ Junk Removal the best solution for your downsizing needs? See a few additional reasons below that make us Phoenix's ideal solution for senior downsizing junk removal.

We Donate

It might be considered junk to you, but for seniors who are downsizing and moving out, the items that are going to donation are useful by others who find value in them. It’s a wonderful feeling that donated goods go where they are needed most, and that’s why AZ Junk Removal actively participates in donations as much as possible.

Plus, these items are hauled away with as much care as they should be given so they arrive at donation centers undamaged and ready to repurpose. We work with several donation centers all throughout Phoenix so that those who are struggling can benefit from something that you're willing to part with.

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We Recycle

Sustainability isn’t an easy task unless you have a deep respect for the environment and how it can be beneficial to use recycling. All of us at AZ Junk Removal have a keen eye for items that can be repurposed for recycling and have spent years finding the most competent recycling centers all across the Phoenix area that specialize in select recycling technology. We also know what's intended for landfills and which items should and shouldn't go into them.

We Care

It takes a lot of love for the jobs we do when it comes to downsizing projects that often come with a heavy heart. We understand that it’s very difficult to give up items that represent many years of hard work. Other times, it can be from not knowing where to get rid of items because it was old or broken. But make no mistake, we care about donations that help others who are less fortunate and would rather find your old stuff a new home where it’s loved and appreciated.

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We Are Loved

We are always happy to hear from our customers and are proud to include their stories and comments about the difference our services have made. It's not just the nice things that people say, but honest feedback of their opinion about our professional service and friendly helpfulness. We can honestly say that 400 great customer reviews are a complement to our commitment to providing everyone who calls on us to get 100% customer satisfaction.

For Downsizing Services in Phoenix

Don't put off your downsizing project any further and call us today to find out more info. Having less stuff may seem hard to imagine however the reward of more space results in less stress in return. Allow us to assist in that de-cluttering process, that is worry-free - from start to finish. Top that off with friendly service, an experienced staff, and flat-rate upfront pricing, you'll rest easier knowing that we’ll handle everything with our best care and respect.

Call on us to schedule your downsizing project  and see what a difference AZ Junk Removal can do for you!

 Downsizing for Seniors

We understand that not everyone is willing to immediately contact us for downsizing tips and services. This is why we have put together this section that provides a step-by-step guide to help seniors moving out, or just downsizing for the sake of reducing clutter.  


Make a Plan

No matter what your current living situation happens to be, if you are moving to a smaller home, a retirement community, or into nearby family residences, you’ll need to start with a good downsizing plan. It all starts with a simple inventory list of the items that you are going to depart with. These can obviously include furniture, appliances, décor, and unwanted junk that need to be listed in these ‘name tag’ categories.

Once you have an inventory list, you can then mark each item by each side on your list with just three priorities which include- (Keep – Donate – Discard). Obviously, some items can go right away to immediate family members while others are on the list you'll want to keep for yourself including heirlooms and keepsakes. If it's easier, make photos from a smartphone device or digital camera to create a better inventory to work from.


Sort Items Into Categories

Sorting your inventory items is the easy part but the hardest part is deciding where these items will eventually go. After many years of owning these items, it’s only natural that we grow attached to them. But the simple matter of what needs to be kept versus what is sentimental is the hardest choice. If an item has value or importance, you’ll find the right choice where it needs to go or not.

Just be honest about selecting items that are considered outdated or no longer useful in this modern world. These items should always be recycled so that they will be useful in a different way and won't end up somewhere in a landfill. You may also have vintage items that have value but are not used anymore that you want to discard. Perhaps these items are best sold to collectors who are searching for them and will pay a good price in return.


Find New Homes for Your Belongings

If you’ve taken steps already to give away items to close family or sell off select items to private collectors, what is leftover is a great choice for donation. Even if it’s old or broken, these items can be salvaged through recycling likewise, so nothing is left to waste. Luckily, there are many local charities in Phoenix that all accept donations including clothing, furniture, and even pet supplies. They also gladly provide tax deductions that can be written off just as easily.

Local donation centers including Goodwill and Salvation Army are great choices, or you can contact many more that are all listed as 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations for tax deductible donations. Animal shelters also accept pet supplies and equipment if you have recently given up a pet or animal.


Hire A Professional Team To Help

The next step is a logical solution since it can be difficult to transport donation items that aren't so easy to transport yourself. Even with friends or family, this process feels like it takes forever since pick-up trucks or vans only hold so much per trip. This is why hiring a removal service (such as AZ Junk Removal), to take care of jobs that can be completed with same-day service. This helps make a smooth transition for downsizing faster and easier and always includes flat rates.

With our talented and friendly staff, bulky and heavy items can be taken away with care and transported to donation centers or disposed of properly. Either way, you can rest better without the need for involving family members to cleanout your home.


Celebrate Your Downsized Home!

It's a big job for anyone who is moving so why would it be any more distressing when it comes to downsizing process? But for those who have taken these simplified steps into action, you have one more task that is vitally important - Celebrate. There's no better time to consider the joy of life by celebrating a major transition. We all go through life changes and often many folks even change professions or trades twice or more in a lifetime.

But this new part of your life is absolutely worth celebrating after any added stress or in-depth ordeal of downsizing. And having a new space giving you a fresh start without all of the excess baggage is providing you with a new opportunity to live actively without all of the previous weight you've carried for years.

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