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Donation Center in Tempe Dedicated to Education

If you're living up to this year’s Resolutions then hopefully you have already started to declutter. But if the beautiful weather has given your reason to put it off, then this is just the thing you need to get some fresh motivation.


We’ve all heard that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, well it this case your junk is another teacher's treasure. If your know teacher then you’ve heard many a tale of woe, Johnny threw up again because he won’t stop licking the desks, Sally ate an entire gluestick, Jessica gave three different girls a haircut, and Joe got a rock stuck up his nose. But the most common frustration... there's not enough (fill in the blank). Paper, glue, folders, pencils, binders…. the list of needed supplies is never-ending. As school funding takes hit after hit the shortage of supplies keeps getting worse.


That's why Barbara Blalock founded Treasures 4 Teachers. When she first started her campaign she asked for donations from large companies like Intel and Motorola. She was just hoping to get any extra office supplies they didn't really need. Instead, she got a garage full of supplies. Many companies like them participate in "Dump the Junk" activities and donate extra or unused office supplies to T4T.

donating in tempe

 Barbara then redistributed all that junk to teachers across the Valley. Over the years the organization has grown, from what started as a garage charity, T4T now fills a 12,000 square foot space in Tempe, where teachers can go to get supplies at very low costs if not for free.

Community Banding Together

People have flocked to the cause donating, not only school supplies but everyday household items too. At first, most of the items were taken to other charities. But recently, T4T opened a thrift store, where they sell donated items to raise money to buy even more school supplies. This isn't your run of the mill Goodwill ether. The manager, Saundra Salotti, has transformed an everyday thrift store into a stylish boutique. 

donation center in tempe

How You Can Help

When it comes time to haul off your junk consider turning it into treasures for a local teacher by giving it to T4T. They even offer free pick up. There are a few stipulations like boxing or bagging your items and having them ready near the door. But since they are providing such a great service to our teachers its worth a little extra effort to follow their guidelines. They accept items ranging from clothing, blankets, and towels to kitchen items, electronics, books, and toys. They don’t accept chemical or hazardous materials, appliances or large box TVs.  So if you still have a TV from the 90's you’ll have to donate it somewhere else.

If you don't have any junk to donate to the cause, stop by the T4T Thrift store and see what treasures await you!

teachers 4 teachers thrift store

Additional Phoenix Donation Centers

Do you have furniture or appliances that are in good condition? If so, you could qualify to have them hauled away for free and get a tax write-off for your charitable donation. Select from the options below to find a donation center near you.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Donation Pickup
Goodwill Donation Pickup
Habitat For Humanity Donation Pickup
Salvation Army Donation Pickup
Society of St. Vincent De Paul Donation Pickup
Upward Foundation Donation Pickup

As always, Arizona Junk Removal supports our local donation centers by picking up your bulk donation items and dropping them off at local centers for you. Call today to schedule a pickup, 602-799-4181.


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