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Getting rid of your unwanted items never felt so good!

With AZ Junk you can get rid of your junk guilt free. We always recycle or donate as many items as we can.

The AZ Junk Removal team hard at work donating unwanted items in Phoenix, AZ.

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at AZ Junk is our eco-friendly disposal. When we pick up a load we rummage through it for anything that can be recycled or donated. This effort helps to keep our landfills open and also boosts our economy.

phoenix couch removalAs you look through your old things you may see junk but we look at things with new eyes. When we pick up an old couch, we think of how it could be a new piece for a young couple just starting out, an old coat could keep someone warm during the winter and those old toys can easily make other children very happy.

Things that can’t be donated are often able to be recycled or repurposed. Old appliances can be dropped off at donation centers that will find other uses for them. Old electronics and printers are easily recyclable as well as other old junk such as tires and mattresses.



Moving to a smaller house, call AZ Junk to remove all that unnecessary junk, we won’t just haul it away we’ll find it a new home.
Donating Furniture
Donating Toys
Recycle Hot Tub
Donating Appliances

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Brad, owner of AZ Junk Removal, is standing by to help you recycle or donate your unwanted junk! 

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