Guide To Cleanout Your Home

By azjunk | DIY

Nov 07

Prep for the holidays by decluttering and clearing out your home for good.

The holidays are approaching fast, don’t let them catch you off guard. Now is the time to prepare. You only have a couple short weeks left to turn that domestic chaos into holiday glory.cleanout

Follow these pro tips to get your house cleaned out.

Before your guest arrive and you start brining that bird, make sure your house is clean and organized so you can focus on your party, guests, and cooking.

The key to a clean house is to declutter. When our house has been cluttered for too long it becomes standard. You're used to it and it becomes invisible. You should declutter now, your house will be clean, more relaxing and peaceful.

Fail To Plan, Plan to Fail

First, do it now. Start working on your house, right now, before the holidays hit you.

Develop a plan, instead of tackling the deep cleaning all at once, make a checklist for each week. Hang on to that checklist in case you need it next year.

Getting organized means making good decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of. So don’t be afraid of those overstuffed closets and piles of old mail. Get in there and tackle those clutter problems before it’s too late.

Think about your outside spaces. We lucky Phoenicians still get to spend a lot of time outdoors make sure that time can be enjoyed to the max. 

There’s nothing like the feeling of coming home after a long day when you take that first step in the house and feel instantly better. Unless your entryway is crowded with a bunch of crap. See all those flip flops? Summer is over, get them outta here. Clear out all that summer stuff to make room for jackets and boots.


Cleanout & Organize 

Move to personal spaces and then to public rooms, clean from top to bottom. Vacuum the drapes, clean the windows, window sills, and baseboards.


When you get to the bathroom, organize and declutter separate items into similar categories, such as first aid and makeup, when the trash can fills up, bag it and put it in your junk pile. While you’re organizing, be honest about what you really need, you probably won’t ever use any of those hotel shampoos. Seriously, trash ‘em. You’ll feel better.


In the kitchen, you’ll find the line between decluttering and being useful gets tangled. You’ll want to clean off the counters as much as possible, put you still need to leave out appliances you use frequently. Make sure they are all clean, then organize your cabinets and pantry. This will be the most rewarding part when you start cooking that holiday feast.

If you have a lot of crap on your counter after you're finished you might need to take another look at it. Organized piles are not clean, honestly, they are not even organized. Go through those papers, magazines, whatever it is, and get rid of it or find a real home for it. Also, nothing messes up a beautiful kitchen like a cluttered fridge. If your fridge is full of drawings, notes, and calendars it’s time for a change. Clear all of that stuff off and instead use a bulletin board. By the way, when you fill up the bulletin board, that’s it, you can’t add anything else unless you get rid of old stuff.


We love coats. Every winter a new line of wonderful leather jackets and pea coats arrive. But face it. You already have too many. We live in one of the country’s warmest places. You already have more coats than you need. Really, one or two is more than enough. Make a lot of room by clearing out your coat closet, don’t forget to trim down your winter wardrobe while you’re at it. It will only be cold enough for that sweater collection once or twice this year. Use your favorite (and only) coat instead. Do we even need to talk shoes….


Grab the pool toys and stored them away, go through all the summer toys and sporting goods, if you and your family are no longer using them, consider donating them. If it's broken and unrepairable, start a junk pile.

Clean or spruce up the patio furniture so it's ready for relaxing evenings of hot cider and Hot Toddies.

Call for a Cleanout Junk Pickup

Now that your house is clutter free, call AZ JUNK to pick up all that stuff you decided to got rid of, you’ll feel so much better and can look forward to setting up all those beautiful holiday decorations.


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