Hacks to Cleanout and Organize Your Home

By azjunk | DIY

Dec 20
Cleaning out your home is good, but without organizing it's only a matter of time before you're back where you started.

If you want to get organized this year, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to get it done fast. With a few easy changes and hacks, you can make huge strides in organizing your home.

Cleanout & Let Things Go


First the easy part. Get rid of some things that are lying around your house and you will find that your home feels instantly better. One big thing that needs to go is boxes of food. Get some storage containers, some nice glass jars, or whatever suits your decor, and empty cereal and other dry goods into them. Ditch the ugly boxes.


The next easy task, get rid of wire hangers. We all know they shouldn’t be used anyway. Get some matching plastic ones or better yet wooden hangers and your closets will thank you.


While you’re in the closet, look through your old shoes. If they are broken, mismatched or just out of style, donate or toss ‘em. Trust us. You won’t regret that decision. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, take a few minutes and prune your clothes back too. More than likely you have a dozen shirts or pants you haven’t worn in forever. Don’t forget to clean out your sock drawer too. If it doesn't have a sock mate, then get rid of it. You don’t need it.


Speaking of clothes, your kids have a lot they have outgrown. No need to hang on to them. Gather them all up and donate them along with the cull from your own closet.


Back in the living room, you can make an easy adjustment to the organization of your life by getting rid of some of your movies. With digital movies in full force, there is no need for you to own a DVD copy of Forrest Gump. If you don’t absolutely love it, then get rid of the discs. You can donate them or if you're willing to do a little work you can even sell them to some online sites.  Whatever you do, please don’t hang on to any VHS tapes. Honestly, they’re junk. Time to let go.


If you’re like most of us, you're probably hoarding a pile of old cords and cables too. We all think one day they may come in handy. How long has it been, exactly, since they did come in handy? Yeah, a long time. Ditch those cords. You might be able to find a friend who needs a particular cable, but most likely you just need to donate or recycle them.  A lot of electronic stores will accept them for recycling.

Organizing Hacks

So now that you’ve gotten rid of the easy stuff let's talk organizing what's left. Here are a couple of hacks that can really turn things around.

Magnetic Strips

One handy hack is magnetic strips. A lot of the clutter we have hanging around is made of metal. If you have a nice location, mount a magnetic strip and place those items there. It will open up and help organized draw and counter space. They really come in handy in bathrooms; tweezers, nail files, bobby pins, and other mysterious girl products can stick right on. Kitchens are also a good place for magnetic strips. Think creatively and see if you can help organize by making this simple addition.

Magazine Holders

Another easy hack is the use of magazine files. You can pop them in the pantry to hold storage bag boxes or other similar items. The women in your life can use them in the bathroom to store curling irons, straighteners and the like.

Sink Cleanup

The cabinet under our sink is famous for collecting miscellaneous  cleaning products and other random kitchen stuff. To avoid fumbling through it to find what you need, here's a simple way to move all those cleaning products out of the way and making them easy to access. 

These small inexpensive storage items will help open up spaces and organize all those items you can’t do without. Shoe boxes, laundry baskets and many other items can help you group, sort and store your things. Think outside the box and you’ll find the right tricks to organize your home.

Need some help hauling away that junk?

If you live in Phoenix contact us today for a fast and professional cleanup and haul away! If you don't live in the Phoenix area, search for "Junk Removal Company Near Me" and you'll find several companies nearby that can remove your unwanted junk. Congratulations on cleaning up and organizing your home!  

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