Cleaning and removing unwanted junk

By azjunk | DIY

Feb 17

Phoenix! Spring is here! Now let's get to cleaning.


Spring is prime time for some serious cleaning.

 After being cooped up all winter from the cold, open the doors and windows, let in that fresh air, and give yourself a good kick in the pants when it comes to cleaning up.

Winter hibernation is over, so is winter procrastinating. Get started on deep cleaning the house after months of neglect once you're done you’ll feel instant relief. You know the feeling of relief and joy you get when you can finally let out the gas you were holding all through church?  It's the same euphoria you’ll feel when you are done spring cleaning. Don’t believe us, well let's try to convince you. 

 Why spring cleaning and junk removal?

There are a lot of reasons to spring clean, besides the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel.

First, a clean and orderly house increases productivity. We have gone over this time and again, all that clutter and mess drains your energy. Your brain hates it and doesn’t know how to handle it, so it just shuts down, telling your body that you're too tired to deal with it. But once it's all gone, your brain is instantly ready to go. Your brain, literally, is happy after you clean up clutter.

Secondly, cleaning out all of the dust and germs that have stored up during quasi-hibernation will reduce your chance of illness and allergies.

 Finally, it's best to do it now while it's still early enough to miss the fiery heat of a thousand suns that descends upon us in May.

Unbeknownst to you but knownst to advertisers, spring cleaning has almost become an American ritual. That’s why media outlets are swamped with ads for cleaning products, while the internet is drowning in tips and how to’s, kinda like this one but less cool.

All this cleaning exposure fuels your unconscious until the driving desire to Monica Geller your house takes over.

Spring cleaning is almost a holiday, a really crappy no fun but completely necessary holiday. Just like March 18th, it comes every year and you spend all day struggling to get the green stains out of your carpet and the solo cups off the ceiling fans.

Change the way you approach spring cleaning

Now while you want to mop, scrub, and dust, what will really make your happy brain freakout is to take spring cleaning to the next level.

The way to really win the spring cleaning game is to reduce the amount of work you have to do. It's pretty simple really, you need to dust the entire house, all of those knick-knacks, picture frames, books blah blah blah. Well, here's an idea ... instead of dusting all those things you never use, get rid of them. The more you get rid of the less work you have to do.

Well, here's an idea ... instead of dusting all those things you never use, get rid of them. The more you get rid of the less work you have to do.

Get-R-Done by getting rid of the junk

As you work your way from room to room, think about what you're working on, if you don’t use it, don’t clean it. Just get rid of it. That might seem like a huge task if you, like most of us, have accumulated a lot of crap.

But go up one more level in the game and spring cleaning will be a snap.

Call AZ Junk to come out and help. You can walk through the house with us and just point at things you want to go. You don’t have to pick up, load or haul anything. Just tell us and it's gone. You’ll never have to see or worry about it again.

Ready for us to come to the rescue?

Call us today to schedule a walkthough and pick up. Since we are family owned and operated, you can always ask for the owner, Brad Thomason! 

A side note that will make your clean out feel even better is AZ Junk recycles and repurposes everything we can. We have contacts all over the valley that will take your old junk and make it into new junk for people in our own communities who have fallen on hard times.

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