Arizona Junk Removal cleans out pool… what they found will blow your mind!

By azjunk | Junk Removal

Jul 15

Cleaning up junk is what we do, even when away from Phoenix, on vacation at the bottom of the ocean.

Watch as Brad, owner of AZ Junk, dives to the deepest depths of the earth to discover more than he bargained for (captured in 360-video format for your maximum viewing pleasure). 

ENJOY THE 360 VIDEO EXPERIENCE on your iPhone or Android device.

We took a trip this summer and our AZ Junk scuba team found a lot on the ocean floor. We just can’t get enough. Take a look at our 360 video which captures all of our adventures. We found sharks, turtles and lots of fish. Even on vacation we’re still removing junk.

We can clean up any mess. We mean ANY mess even if it’s under water.

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