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Clean neighborhoods are one of the great things about Chandler, Arizona. Let AZ Junk Removal help you keep your community great!

What Do We Remove?

We provide a one-stop-shop solution to getting rid of clutter and renewing your property. Our services extend beyond the removal of an item or two; we have bulk pickup services where we enter your property and load up any items or areas you wish to have hauled off. Not only do we properly dispose of your unwanted stuff at the local landfill, but we'll donate or recycle items that can be repurposed.

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The response time regarding general questions, getting a quote and setting up an appointment was really fast and much appreciated.... see more on Yelp!

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About Chandler

Since the early 90s Chandler has grown tremendously becoming one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Currently boasting over 100,000 homes; the population has surged to more than 238,000 people. The heart of Chandler remains its revitalized historic downtown.

Population 245,160 | Median Income for Household $77,278 | Median Age 35.3


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When you hire us to help you clean up your property we know you're looking for someone you can trust. I staff only family and friends to ensure we're providing the best customer experience.   The choice company for trash removal in Chandler is AZ Junk Removal. We'll disposed of your unwanted stuff properly, or better yet donated if possible! Our goal is to get junk out of your home or business with little to no hassle on your part.

 Understanding Chandler's City Bulk Trash Service

Here's an Overview of the City of Chandler's Bulk Trash Collection Service

The tabs below summarize the rules for bulk trash pickup as provided by the City of Chandler. We are not affiliated or partnered with the City. All resources below are provided as a courtesy to our visitors seeking various options to rid themselves of garbage – Because Life's Better Without Junk.

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