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Just north of Phoenix, Cave Creek is one of the most beautiful places in the Sonoran Desert. Let AZ Junk Removal help you keep Cave Creek enchanting!

What Do We Do?

With multiple trucks near you we offer a quick solution to removing unwanted clutter. Whether you require service for an apartment, home, office building, or retail location we can help you clean things up. We can haul off just a few items, or provide a full service bulk trash pickup or property cleanout.

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My secretary email Brad on the morning of the 14th, asking price and about what his time frame was. Letting him know that he could remove the old hot.... see more on Yelp!

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Brad is extremely courteous and helpful…honest and fast response. The working team that responded went far above the job expectations. This business is a rare find.... see more on AZ Junk

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About Cave Creek

Cave Creek attracted media attention when a game of chance was used to break a tie in a vote for Town Council. The drawing of playing cards led to the victory of 25-year-old law student Adam Trenk over incumbent Thomas McGuire. Arizona State Constitution allows a game of chance to be used to break ties.

Population 5,423 | Median Income for Household $91,500 | Median Age 57.5


Brad Thomason

You've never had a friend like us.

Our approach to cleaning up your property is different than using the "other guys". As the president, I'm still active in daily operations. My crew is comprised of trusted family and friends. You can bet that whoever shows up at your home or business will be dedicated to representing Arizona Junk Removal at the highest level. We look forward to meeting you and providing top-notch service. 

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