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Aug 23

DIY Garage Cleanout

By azjunk | News , Trash-Out Service

Take your house back – cleanout your garage once and for all. For many of us, we have taken to using our garage as our own personal dump. But never fear, you can take back your garage and bask in the glorious clutter free space once again. We know you’ve been avoiding that garage. We’ve […]

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May 28

Time to Cut Back, Minimize & Renew Your Home

By azjunk | DIY , News

As unemployment soars, wages remain stagnant and the stock market plummets, we begin evaluating our lifestyles. Now more than ever the idea of going minimal is considered less of an extreme choice and more of a practical way of adjusting for a so-called “new normal”. While, in my opinion the minimal lifestyle still seems a […]

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May 16

Best of Quarantine Music Playlist

By hryfq | News

Time to escape to a playlist that understands what you’re going through. How Do You Quarantine? >> Jump Down & Comment Below WHEN HOMESICK TAKES ON A NEW MEANING We’ve all been stuck inside for quite a while now. Here’s a little something to take the edge off. Throw this on, grab your gloves and cleansers, […]

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Apr 21


By azjunk | DIY , News

Keeping a clean house has always been important, but with the danger of COVID-19 raging through the world right now, it’s never been a better time to clean and disinfect. If you’re like a majority of the country, you’ve got time on your hands. Let’s use it wisely to make things safer for you and […]

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Jun 20

The Ultimate Cleaning Music Playlist

By azjunk | News

20 Songs to Make Cleaning House a Brezze Complete music playlist to take you through your house cleaning duties.  Music is one of the most vital art forms in our culture. It has the ability to makes us happy, sad, lonely or even energetic. So if you need a little help getting motivated to do […]

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Dec 27

Peoria Arizona Guide for Living and Real Estate

By azjunk | News

Peoria, Arizona: Everything You Need to Know The Complete Guide for Peoria, AZ – From Things to Do, Places to Visit, Entertainment, and History  Although Peoria, Arizona is rich in history and culture it still thrives on fun and entertainment. It’s more than just a suburb of the bustling city of Phoenix, It is exciting, […]

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