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Jan 29

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space with a DIY BBQ

By azjunk | DIY

MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR BACKYARD FOR ENTERTAINING & ENJOYMENT  A Simple Guide to Building a Backyard Kitchen Men are here, build fire, cook meat This Phoenix winter has given us weeks of great weather, perfect for grilling. But what about the rest of the meal? The coleslaw, the fries, the toppings. Instead of enjoying a […]

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Dec 30

DIY: Constructing a Wood Fired Hot Tub

By azjunk | DIY , Hot Tub

5 SIMPLE STEPS FOR A DIY HEATED HOT TUB – NO PUMP NEEDED Building a Heated Jacuzzi for Your Enjoyment Pleasure DIRTY MERICA STYLE Just because you don’t happen to have an in-bath Jacuzzi tub in your master bathroom doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy all the benefits of the good life. It’s […]

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Dec 03

Cleanout Tips for Minimal Living in 2018

By azjunk | DIY

A Basic Guide Ridding Yourself of Crap and Minimal Living The Mardi Gras of winter is just around the corner. New Year’s Eve is your free pass to party, shamelessly, all night long, until the dawn that is; when the nasty old hag of Resolutions rears her ugly guilt-spewing head. Then all of a sudden […]

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Sep 12

Hauling Away Appliances

By azjunk | Appliance Removal , DIY

4 Ways to Get an Appliance Picked Up and Hauled Away Old appliances make up the majority of junk that gets stored in the garage or backyard. These large items take up space, collect little critters, and are a complete eye sore. Now, the time has come to rid yourself of these burdens. We’ll cover […]

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Aug 22

Haul It or Keep It?

By azjunk | DIY , News

Another Episode of Haul It or Keep It We’ve all faced the dilemma of whether to keep or get rid of items. It’s not easy, we know. Getting rid of stuff usually seems like a bad idea. Afterall, the second you rid yourself of a useless widget you’ll need it the next day. This is […]

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Jul 11

What to do with that old sofa?

By azjunk | DIY , Furniture Removal

Best ways to restore an old sofa instead of disposing of it. Is your old sofa suffering from neglect? Years of abuse, sagging sofa syndrome, or any of the other thousands of ailments that afflict all old sofas today? Worry not, advances in sofa medicine can bring that old dilapidated piece back to its glory […]

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