AZ Junk is the Best Local Junk Removal Company

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Aug 26

What Makes Us the Best Local Choice? Easy.


You may have arrived at this page by searching google for “local junk removal company” or because you wanted to know more about our hauling services. Whatever the reason, we are grateful to have the opening to earn your business. We are hopeful that by outlining our strengths it will give us the opportunity to become your go-to hauling company. From the first time we provide you with our services, you’ll get to know our tight-knit team and see why Arizona Junk Removal is Phoenix’s best hauling company. 

We are hopeful that by outlining our strengths it will give us the opportunity to become your go-to hauling company.

Here’s what our customers love about us:

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Family Owned & Operated

We are family owned and operated right here in Phoenix. When you call us, you get a fellow Phoenician on the line, not a 10-minute wait for a call center in the Midwest. We know your job is important to you, and therefore its important to us too. That’s why every customer speaks directly with the owner, to discuss their job and get direct upfront pricing. There are no hidden fees or extra charges at AZ Junk.

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We Love Phoenix, and Its People

The most vital member of the AZ Junk team is our customers. Satisfying our customer’s junk removal needs is our highest priority. Each and every one of our customers is important, we focus on people, not the bottom line. AZ Junk loves the Valley of the Sun and the people in it, that’s why we donate to local charities that help families in need right here, in our own communities.

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Donating & Recycling

We also donate and recycle as much as we can. Everything we pick up is evaluated, and anything that can be repurposed or recycled is taken to the appropriate facilities. We want to see our community thrive, not just by donations, but with economic growth as well. Thus, we only use local businesses when it comes to running and operating our own business.

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Upfront Honest Flat-Rate Pricing

Other local junk removal services try to bait customers with cheap prices only to switch to higher charges once the job is complete. AZ Junk provides every customer with up front prices; what you see is what you get. AZ Junk also has a secret weapon. Bigger trucks. Our trucks are 30% larger than our competitors, therefore, you get more for less.

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Customers Love Our Service, Not Ads

Big junk removal companies like those “got junk” guys, and their fellows,  flood the market with their gimmicks and ads. They spend bigs dollars (taken from their customers) to drown us with their brand, but they take no pride in their work and, more importantly, they take no pride in customer satisfaction.


Okay, So Maybe We’re Tooting Our Own Horn

AZ Junk is the best local junk removal service in the Valley of the Sun. You may say we are being biased, but I know if you call us, to take care of a job for you, you’ll become biased too.

‘Life Is Better Without Junk’

If you live in the Phoenix Metro area, schedule your pickup now, ask for Brad, the owner.  602-799-4181

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