Bagster Bag Pickup – What You Need to Know

By azjunk | DIY

Nov 11

Bagster® Pickup vs Junk Removal

pick bagster problemsBagster Bags have gained in popularity in recent months, with their Buy. Fill. Gone. approach to junk removal. However, you should beware before going down that road. It seems simple, affordable and convenient, but if you look closer you’ll find things are not what they seem.

Let’s lay it all out there to begin with so we can truly discuss, “simple, affordable and convenient” waste removal.

About Bagster

First, you go to your local home improvement store and pick up a bag. This $30 bag will hold 3 cubic yards of debris, that’s 81 cubic feet for those of you who never adopted the metric system. Then you take it home and set it up. Make sure you read through the instructions and all fine print CAREFULLY. If you don’t set the bag up in the right location, it won’t be picked up. You have to set up the Bagster right on the curb or in your driveway with plenty of clearance.

Once you have set up the bag you need to fill it up, by yourself. That means hauling all the debris, trash and waste out to the curb and into the bag. Time to be careful again, because Waste Management won’t accept everything. A brief list of what they don’t accept includes, appliances, electronics, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, railroad ties, old tires and many car parts, and in some areas they won’t even accept yard waste like dirt. Also, if you have heavy material, like concrete or rocks, you cannot fill up the bag completely, you can only fill it ⅓ of the way. The bag can only hold 1 cubic yard of heavy material.

When the bag is full then you schedule a pick up. In our area the pick up is $130 and you are given a 3 day window in which a pick up will occur. If Waste Management cannot get to your bag, if the clearance is too small, or if they find unaccepted items in the bag, they will not remove it. And they can charge you for making the trip to your home, even if they don’t take the bag.

Using a Bagster is a slippery slope. It is only effective if you have a small job with a limited variety of junk. Even still Bagsters are not necessary more simple, affordable or convenient   than hiring a junk removal service.

About AZ Junk Removal

The Bagster as described above removes 81 cubic feet for $160; AZ Junk will remove 140 cubic feet for $150.

With AZ Junk you don’t have to do any of the work, there are no containers to set up and fill. You simple point and say take that, and it's gone, what could be simpler? We are licensed and insured to haul off junk from anywhere on your property, not just the curb. Instead of making a thousand trips to fill up the Bagster, will we make the trips for you.


 There are no limitations to what we will take. Our list of unacceptable items is empty. We’ll take appliances, mattresses, car parts, dirt, concrete, heavy machinery, old tires, you name it.

Finally, unlike Bagster, AZ Junk recycles and reuses everything it can. We do not simply take the entire load to the landfill. You don’t have to worry about the environment when disposing of all the junk, we’ll take care of that too.

Now if you’re reading this while looking out the window of that sad green bag that you have already filled up, kicking yourself for doing so much work when you didn’t have to, and frustrated that your bag was rejected, don’t worry. We can help. AZ Junk can and will pick up your Bagster. If you’ve been rejected for pickup by Waste Management, rest assured you will not be rejected by us.

AZ Junk - Bagster® Pickup Service

AZ Junk Removal is in no way affiliated with Bagster or any of its partner company. We are a family owned and operated junk removal an hauling company that can pick up your Bagster or provide an ideal alternative to dumpster and Bagster clean up solutions. If you live in the Phoenix metro area contact us now to schedule your service.

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