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In the race of everyday life, sometimes trash and junk can get us a little off track. Let AZ Junk Removal help you pick up the pace!

Junk Removal 

AZ Junk Removal specializes in residential and commercial clean-ups. Whether you have a few items sitting around your home that need hauled away, or a commercial building full of furniture and equipment we are Avondale's top hauling choice since 2009. We offer bulk pricing as well as single item à la carte pricing. Schedule an Avondale, AZ junk pickup today and consider unwanted stuff good as gone.

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Dumpsters for Rent...

Because sometimes you need a DIY option for cleaning up a property. We drop-off and pick-up dumpster bins to any location throughout Avondale, including commercial, retail and residential locations. Schedule a rental today by contacting us at (602) 799-4181 or visit our Avondale, AZ dumpster page for more information.

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City of Avondale Bulk Trash Pickup

Navigating the rules and schedule for the free bulk trash pickup in our city can be a bit overwhelming, but below is what you really need to know. The city of Avondale's Bulk Trash Pickup services are offered monthly and are a good option if the timing is right and you have under, say, a 1/4 truck load of items.

  • When & Where: Set out your bulk items by 5:00 a.m. on your designated collection day. You can find your collection day by neighborhood here.
  • Placement: Place your bulk items in front of your house at the street edge or touching the curb, ensuring they're at least 10 feet from any obstructions like a fence, streetlight, mailbox, or parked vehicles.

For additional details or queries about your collection schedule, you can always reach out to the Public Works Department at (623) 333-4400.


 Brad Thomason 

I know you'll love our approach to ridding yourself of excess clutter. Our company is family-owned and operated and we pride ourselves in turning our customers into our best advertising campaign, by spreading the word of our excellent service. Since our office is located nearby in Litchfield, Arizona, we offer same-day pickups. See you soon!

Avondale, AZ Loves Us

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I made the call to have debris and leftover items removed from a rental property that had been sold. They fit me in the day I called!! The guys that showed,... see more on AZ Junk

Karin H. - Avondale, AZ

Bulk Trash Solutions in Avondale, AZ

Get rid of bulk loads of trash with our junk removal or dumpster rental services

We provide several options to get rid of unwanted clutter regardless of your budget. With our junk removal services in Avondale, AZ you need not lift a finger and we'll load up all your junk and haul it off for a flat rate based on load size. If you're looking to save a little coin with some elbow grease we can drop of a dumpster bin on your driveway so you can load it up at your leisure. 

Bulk trash is sometimes dirty but our dumpster bins are always shiny and clean 

We've added new containers that are continually kept nice and clean to help with jobs that are often dusty and dirty. When appearance matters for discrete dump-out jobs, you'll feel better about not drawing attention to excess trash that isn't always nice to look at.

Why AZ Junk for Bulk Trash Pickups? 

The answer is simple; we don't have pickup delays and don't have the limitations the City of Avondale's bulk trash pickup has. 

Hire AZ Junk for a bulk trash pick up

Getting a quote and booking service has never been easier...

Finally, Bulk Garbage Pickups Without Limits 


Backyard Bulk Trash Cleanups

Remove old rubbish from backyards for all kinds of major clean-out projects. If it's too big for traditional rubbish removal, our dumpster rental service allows you to have a dumpster dropped off in your driveway for easy loading and yard cleanups.


Garage Cleanups

De-clutter garages that have tons of stuff that takes up way too much space. Don't let your garage become a trap for over-stacked junk; rent a dumpster container or hire us for junk removal to say goodbye to your cluttered garage.


Remodeling Debris Removal

Remodeling projects around the home can benefit from having a container to dump debris into. This makes any renovation or home improvement project tidier and better for excess junk that gets tossed out at the same time. For more on our debris pickup in Avondale, AZ see our page here.


Move-out Cleanups

Moving from one location to another shouldn't be a hassle if you have stuff that needs to be tossed. Why take excess stuff you don't need if you're clearing out old junk that should have been thrown out years ago.

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We're ready to help with your next big bulk trash job

Talking Trash

Get rid of all of your junk at once for a great price. Your life will be better with a clean garage and backyard. Whatever you've got that you want out of your home or business, Our Avondale bulk trash service includes junk removal service as well as dumpster rentals. Our up-front prices keep things simple – no surprise charges or hidden fees.


Brad Thomason

Owner of Arizona Junk

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Avondale Junk Removal service 

Appliance Pickup

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Why hold onto old appliances when they can be repurposed?

When it gets to the point that you have no more space in cabinets or closets for older appliances that aren't working anymore, it's time to let them go. This way you can have more space for things that matter in your daily life.

Recycling appliances can help others in many ways

If you have an old appliance that is showing its age, it can be used for spare parts or be completely repurposed from donation outlets. We work with several donation centers to help give appliances that are taking up space in your home another chance at being used.

How easy is it to schedule appliance pickup?

No matter how big or small your old appliances in Avondale are, it's only a phone call away to have them picked up with no hidden fees.

Spring cleaning appliance clean-outs bring more space back to your home

Bagster Pickup

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With Bagster pickup service you can toss out loads of junk in a single convenient solution

These special bags are super-tough to toss out a variety of materials and items that need to go right away. It's the perfect solution for smaller trash-out jobs where you don't need a container.

Stuff all you need and we'll handle the pickup right away

If you can fit everything into a Bagster bag, weight doesn't matter at that point. Just let us know when you want it picked up, and we'll remove it for a single no-frills fee.

Where do I get Bagster bags in Avondale?

Your local waste management service will be happy to provide Bagster bags to you for free, but they have a separate cost to pick them up. We offer a lower set price that's effective and we'll pick your Bagster in Avondale, AZ.

We'll be ready to pick up your stuff on days when local services aren't so easy to contact!

Furniture Pickup

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You might not see the value of used furniture, but we do!

We work with local donation centers that will be happy to receive old furniture you want to toss out. These items play a big part in helping others have furniture that will be repurposed rather than ending up at the local dump or landfill.

All it takes is a couple minutes to get a free quote

Requesting a free quote online or over the phone will be helpful tips to make it easier to schedule furniture pickup services. We carry away everything you don't need for a set price with no hidden fees. See more on our furniture pickup services for Avondale, AZ.

Feel better about your old furniture going to good use

Hot Tub Pickup

hot tub removal service

Removing old hot tubs and spas

Not all hot tubs are the same size, which is why it makes sense to have a set price for each size category. We offer very simple prices that are set for just small and large but offer a variety of options for removal and even special services for crane removal for difficult jobs.

Safe removal with bonded insurance

Not too many people know that we're bonded with a million-dollar insurance policy to provide the maximum amount of safety on any hot tube removal. Often, this kind of removal can be tricky, so we have your best interests in mind regarding safety.

Leave it to us to remove your old hot tub in Avondale

Dumpster Rentals

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Do you have a growing debris problem? Here's how to solve it fast!

Trash and waste from all sorts of debris are best dumped into containers and dumpsters for immediate haul-away service. What better way to remove junk from your home or business?

Get a free quote in minutes

You can get a fast quote for any size dumpster just by calling us to request a dumpster service. We can provide excellent advice to help you decide what size you need and schedule the best time and day you need roll-off dumpsters to be dropped off and picked up.

There are so many uses for dumpster service

Although there are rules about what you can put into a dumpster, most debris is accepted without any problem. But the bigger advantage is that it's perfect for many last-minute jobs that are often problematic to order from other junk removal companies. Here's the short list of clean-out jobs that are ideal for dumpster service:

  • Rental property management clean-out
  • Storage or warehouse junk-outs
  • Backyard clean-up
  • HOA clean-up projects
  • Residential construction debris

Still unsure about which dumpster is best for your junk and debris haul?

It's a matter of asking a few simple questions about the material you want to get rid of to estimate what you're looking to dispose of. We offer outstanding solutions where to place your roll-off dumpster so it's easier to deposit materials into the container.

Dump what you need, when you need it the most

Debris Removal

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Take out the trash with a clean conscience 

There are so many cleaning tasks where you have to get your hands dirty unless you request our convenient debris removal team to do the dirty work for you. We're family-owned and have a dedicated track record of making living spaces and properties cleaner. Our investment in detailed debris removal takes the pressure off you to get dirty jobs done faster.

Size matters when packing away loads of debris and junk

It's amazing how much stuff can be packed into a small space, so even our smallest debris removal trucks can pack a lot more than you might expect. We're experts at estimating how much debris storage is needed for your next big debris removal project.

Before any haul, just make the call

It's so easy to request a free quote that you'll get it within minutes of calling. If you're not in a hurry, you can also place your request online and we'll respond just as swiftly. Either way, you can get the best quotes for any roll-off dumpster service or hauling service.

Allow us to put our backs into motion for all of your heavy-lifting junk hauls

Demolition Service

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When big ugly junk is too much to keep around 

Structures that include RVs, barns, shed, and small houses that are too far gone to keep standing should be removed for safety reasons. The equipment that we use is meant to demolish nearly anything non-commercial off your property or in your backyard, and more!

Is there a limit to large items to demolish?

There are large demolition companies that knock down big buildings, but if you have something that is not able to be moved by conventional means, we are in the business of removing it with handy machinery that does the job quick and effectively.

Not nearly as much as you thought it would cost

Since we're such a small family-owned company, we can control costs better than large demolition companies. This means that our demolition services are much cheaper using a combination of manpower and conventional machinery to do the job right. Give us a call for a free quote for all of your demo needs.

Break it down faster with the AZ Junk Demolition Crew

Estate Cleanout

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Help empty years of junk when estate cleanouts are needed

Sure, it's hard to let decades of stuff go into the trash, but that isn't always the case. We have a solution that can help you trash out what you don't need while anything that can go to donation centers will be spared for a second chance at life.

The importance of elective sifting and heavy lifting

Some items might be highly important that you'll want to spare, which is why we can set aside anything you need to be double-checked before it goes into a hauling truck or dumpster. With our expert team, we can muscle the heavy stuff aside while you check inside drawers and boxes for important documents and keepsakes.

How to get a great quote for any size estate trash-out

You can be sure that any kind of property clean-out and junk removal will be the best price in town. Big or small, we have all the necessary containers and muscles to help move items from point A to point B without much effort.

Estate junk can have another good use if you don't need it anymore 

About the Community

Avondale was started in 1946. Although once a sparsely populated farming community, Avondale has gone through rapid residential and commercial growth transforming it into a major bedroom suburb for Phoenix, Arizona see our latest writeup on the cleanup efforts taking place in community of Cashion. For the latest information and happenings in this town, like their Facebook page.

Population 87,931 | Median Income for Household $58,938 | Median Age 31.3

Recycling & Donation in Avondale, AZ

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Avondale does its part to recycle, and with your help as a resident they can further their efforts in making Phoenix a greener place to call home.

local recycling center

The easiest way to turn your unwanted recyclables into cash is a quick and easy visit to the local Recycling Center. They do their best to make each drop off easy to get paid while you do your part. 

donation location

Located off of Dysart Rd. and Van Buren St. you'll find a great cause awaiting the drop-off of your donations. Accepting everything from clothing, toys, furniture, to cookware and electronics.

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