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For our second entry in dumpster sizes, a 15-yard dumpster is essentially a happy medium that includes many positive factors. When it comes time to estimate what will be placed into a container of this size, it’s always best to remember that larger-scale jobs always work best with 15-yard containers. Click to read up and compare 10-yard and 20-yard dumpsters.

Back to the topic at hand; whether it's a general home remodel or tree removal, we'll inform you more about what other advantages you can get from 15-yarders.

What fits in a 15-yard dumpster?

In general, 15-yard dumpsters are one of the most popular sizes to choose from for construction-related projects and home renovations for waste disposal. 

comparing 15 yard dumpster to large truck beds

5 Extended Truck Beds

comparing 15 yard dumpster to pick up truck loads

8 Pickup Trucks

comparing 15-yard dumpster to trash bins

15 Trash Bins

Aside from a slightly larger length and height over a 10-yard dumpster, this size container fits more material that's worth 6-8 truckloads of waste which is equal to at least 15 standard garbage cans worth of debris. It further eliminates the need to load up five or more pickup trucks worth of junk likewise.

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At AZ Junk Removal & Dumpster Rental we have you covered with the perfect sized dumpster for your cleanup project; from 10-yard dumpsters, ideal for any residential driveway, to 20 yarders for larger commercial cleanups. Reserve a dumpster drop-off today!

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This makes it ideal for handling more space needed for disposing of various old furniture, home remodeling waste, and ambitious landscaping projects. Because of its size, it can also handle bigger projects that take up space including deck and patio replacements and tree removal without any problem.

Types of projects are best for a 15-yard dumpster


Home remodeling projects

When looking for the ideal combination of size and capacity with larger-scale projects, a 15-yard dumpster is the best choice. This container eliminates the need for more than a handful of pickup truck hauls and is recommended for clearing out old fixtures, numerous cleanup jobs, and remodeling projects alike. Also see, our done-for-you debris removal service.


Deck replacements

With all of the materials that go into complete deck replacements, the waste that is removed is not a problem for 15-yard containers. Used wooden beams, planks, worn-out deck footings, and hardware including nails or screws will all easily fit inside this container. Need some help demoing that old deck? See here.


Tree removal

Trees on your property that need to be removed are no match for 15-yard dumpsters. Everything from branches, trunks, and roots will fit inside this container when cut down into moveable sections very nicely. This reduces the need for making multiple trips to a landfill using conventional vehicles, saving you time and money in return.


Patio installation

Garden patios, backyard barbecue pits, and outdoor kitchens that are being upgraded or demolished will benefit from 15-yarders. While the work might be laborious, the amount of junked material will find ample space inside a 15-yard dumpster just as easily.


Renovation of furniture

Home renovations don’t happen too often, but when they do -then a 15-yard container comes to the rescue. Get rid of items piece by piece and pack your container full of items you want disposed of. This makes better sense than several trips using pickup trucks back and forth to get rid of them.


Basement cleanouts

Large items that have been stored in your basement for too long can become overcrowded in a short period. This will ideal for 15-yarders to accommodate all of the old appliances, furniture, or junk that needs to go to make more immediate basement space.


Roof replacement

Some jobs are messy, but roof replacement often tends to be a matter of volume for the material that needs to be removed. 15-yard containers make it ideal to trash all of the tiles, insulation material, and used wood supports that get replaced. This way, an entire roof can be removed quickly and efficiently without making personal trips to landfill sites.


Landscaping projects

For all landscaping projects that involve grading, removing old soil and many other gardening waste materials, this is where a 15-yard container will solve many problems. This helps to save time with waste management issues where the material that needs to be removed helps complete landscaping jobs on time much faster. 


Multi-room demolition projects

Home renovation projects where more than two or three rooms are involved are when you'll need a 15-yard dumpster. This is also ideal for ceiling, wall, and floor remodeling where a lot of waste is produced. These larger-scale jobs will be easy to manage when 15-yarders can handle the amount of debris that needs to be removed.


Yard cleanups

Storage in your home or on a property is limited when storage rooms and garages are filled with needless waste and junk. This isn't limited to clearing out jobs where old and dusty items aren't worth keeping around anymore. When it comes time for big cleanup projects, choosing a 15-yard container helps clears out valuable space.

Advantages of a 15-yard dumpster

15 yard dumpster bin in driveway

As mentioned before, a 15-yard container is considered the happy medium for containers that may be considered too big or too small for a particular job. They are also the middle of the road on rental cost since they aren’t as pricy as a 20-yard container and don’t cost much more than 10-yarders. Because of their large-scale capacity for bigger jobs their dimensions and capacity are superior for packing a lot of debris and junk.

This size container is also just as easy to have delivered to where you want it to be placed size it still manages to fit into cramped areas that are difficult for 20-yard dumpsters to fit. This is where you get better access to this dumpster rather than being placed on a driveway and still fits within residential streets just as easily. It's also worth noting that even for smaller jobs, this container can handle more than one room's worth of material for last-minute cleanouts.

Deciding Between 10 Yard vs 15 Yard vs 20 Yard Dumpsters

comparing dumpster sizes image

If you're considering which size is best between three different sizes, it all comes down to practicality. Each container has a different rental cost but also features very different storage limitations and advantages. This difference can feel overwhelming unless you look at what needs to be disposed of in the overall volume of what goes in. Some materials simply cannot be demolished so easily to fit into a 10-yard container.

And despite the amount that goes in, the sheer weight over volume can further make sense when considering roof replacements, landscaping projects, and home renovations. Yet, the cubic yards do count up quickly when material that is not so easily compacted, needs ample space in 15-yard containers. This is why a 15-yarder is the best fit for any medium-sized cleanup project.

Cost of renting a 15-yard dumpster

The cost of renting a 15-yard container is more effective and cost-efficient when you have more material that needs to be disposed of. As far as rental costs in Phoenix, the competition will further advertise a weekly rental worth $450 depending on which service you choose. These costs will vary since the location where a container is delivered may tack on transportation fees. There is also a chance that weight limits will increase pickup charges for materials that go over the weight limit that's suggested. See more details on cost related to renting a dumpster.

But for a solution that allows larger amounts of stuff to be transported away without making personal trips using your own vehicle, a 15-yard dumpster is a better choice. With a mid-range rental fee, it will make clearing out debris go much faster and holds a lot more than risking a smaller container that won’t fit everything you need. And since it’s not an oversize dumpster, you can have this container closer to your home for cleaning out everything even faster.

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